What would YOU wear to a zombie apocalypse?
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I'm running in a Zombie Infected 5k Obstacle Course. I could dress as a casual runner caught in the apocalypse, but where's the fun in that?

I'm trying to think of a costume that is themed appropriate, but also functional for running. I thought of a Jill Valentine kind of look, but I'm a redhead who could definitely NOT run in a tubetop.

Any ideas? I'm running in my wave by myself, so any costumes that would be great for making friends (ie, zombie fodder) would be great.
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Oh wow does that sound like a blast.

torn tank tops splattered with red paint and a smeared light makeup to look like you've been running dirty for your life would do you. Lip-stain, rather than lipstick and powders rather than any heavy cream-based makeup would be a little more sweat-friendly.

I'm a fan of ross campbell's Abandoned zombie-fighter look, and he's all about form and function.
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Get some red paint/food coloring, a suit, a wiffle-ball bat (or any other weapon ever) and a thrift-store film camera and you can be Rule 63'd Frank West.
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It would be awesome if you could find a comfortable version of terrible office wear, like you were surprised at work by zombies and had to make a break for it. Like a restructured "power suit" with a BIG OLD RED BOW. (And big "Working Girl" hair.) You'd have to cut the skirt for your stride and probably vent the jacket for your arms.
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Or a Rule 63'd Shaun of the Dead, just replace the wiffleball bat with a cricket bat (craft foam over wifflebat, painted brown with red splatters).

If your goal is to make friends, though, a shirt that reads "I"m With Tasty ------>" could be helpful.
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I'd go with the double katana strapped x-style across the back. Light plastic ones shouldn't give you too much trouble running. Or, if you want some extra weight, replace the katanas with shotguns.

With the shotguns, you could wear the shotgun shell bullet harness also.

Maybe also a leg- strapped revolver.
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I'd go with a Barbara get up. You could wear something quite comfy under the trenchcoat.
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My first thought was office wear, too... But you'd want to rip the skirt.

My second thought was the Resident Evil red dress, which looks very runnable if you reinforce the top with a sports bra.
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If you want to stick with the "girl from a zombie video game" idea, there's always Zoey of Left 4 Dead fame. Pros: Very simple costume. And making/finding the iconic medkit would really complete the look.
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Best answer: You could do a T shirt with some Zombie/running slogans:

I don't have to be fast, just faster than you!

Zombies hate fast food.

I love the idea of wearing regular clothes that have been put through the ringer like you've been running for your life for days.

If you don't want to go the office wear route you could go as lots of other things. A prom queen complete with tiara over half undone updo. A beauty queen with a sash trailing along behind her. A different kind of runaway bride.

All these outfits should be ripped to shreds in the skirt and sleeve areas as if you'd been grabbed but gotten away over and over.

You should also have massive mascara tear tracks down your face (sweat will only add to the effect.)
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I'd go way into left field. I mean if you're going to go in style, go in style.
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I think it will be important to not look like a zombie yourself. That way people won;t just run from you when they see you.
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You and sperose should both wear MetaFilter T-shirts. That way I'll know to eat your brains first!
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I'd hit up the local costume shop and see what they've got. You can probably pick up some inexpensive props and work out a costume. I'd be tempted to go for a hero look - Indiana Jones, Superman, etc - or a cool ninja outfit, since a loose black tracksuit and mask are pretty runnable.

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ETA: the website says no weapons. I'm not sure if that includes fake plastic things - worth asking?
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Michael Jackson's Thriller video style?

Also, they totally should have called it an obstacle corpse.

Just sayin.
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I was planning on wearing a 'Rule 1. Cardio" t-shirt to this thing a la Zombieland . I think the more bulky you get with the costume, the more likely you are to get caught.

You're going to the Baltimore run? There are quite a few mefites going to this thing. We should meet up or something.
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Oh man, what about "Trash" from Night of the Living Dead? She's redheaded and you can see her before and after infection in the movie. (Full body shot of Linnea Quigley as Trash). Here's the trailer.

This is the kind of thing that people who recognized you would freak out about, cause it's pretty seminal in the zombie film canon.
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Response by poster: I think I'm going to go with just a t-shirt... and even so, how much attention do I want to draw to myself? The point is to survive. I'll be in the 3:30 wave, ready to go!
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