Where can we buy zombie supplies in DC?
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Gay Zombies in DC?

So my (gay male) partner and I are off to our first Halloween party this weekend. (I say first, as in we've never been to one before. We are both Brits newly living in the US and Halloween is nowhere near as big in the UK) and we want to go as the ultimate Republican Halloween nightmare: a gay zombie wedding. A nice touch is that we are actually getting hitched when we get back to the UK.

We're desperate to do this well, so we need to get some good supplies. We'll need fake blood, white, brown and green cream makeup and latex for wounds etc.

Anyone know where can we get this kind of stuff in the DC area? There are quite a few places in eg the yellow pages, but I'm short on time so looking for recomendations of good, reliable places, that aren't likely to be sold out this close to Halloween.

Thanks for all your help.
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Best answer: Party City should have everything you need.
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I think you should play up the gay part of the zombieness. Like, a zombie in a rainbow-flower-lei or freedom rings would be awesome.
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Best answer: I think that you should go for the most out-of-fashion 1970's tuxes you can find. Those pastel colored polyester suits make for really great zombieness.
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(and congratulations)
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Best answer: Backstage, near the Eastern Market Metro stop, is where I do all my costume shopping. I got some very good, personalized makeup advice for a vampire get up--the guy matched the makeup to my skin tone. Much fun.
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Best answer: There will be a lot more of you soon. The 1st Annual DC zombie lurch is supposed to go on October 29th...and the Landless Theatre just sponsored a zombie walk.

The only costume shop I know of is Gene's Costumes in Kensington just past Bethesda, although Bruce's Variety is where I've bought Halloween makeup in the past.
There are lots of instructables on the web about DIY costuming and effects like "So you want to be a Zombie?" and "Zombie Costuming!"

May I suggest making a fake bloody organ so when you explain your costume you can go "Eat your heart out, conservative busybobies!" and take a sloppy bite?

There's gotta be a tasteful way of making a joke based on biting your partner's skull and the phrase "giving head" but I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader.
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If you look back at some old discussions from the Going Out Gurus at the washingtonpost I think they said that some local DC theatre was having a halloween giveaway of old wardrobe items for costumes. Can't help you with the latex, though. Congrats, and please come back and post pictures -- it sounds like a really fun costume!
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zombie congratulations!
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I can second MrMoonPie's rec for Backstage. They helped a painfully straight friend of mine do quite convincing full drag in under 24 hours.

Congratulations on the hitching!
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your advice (and congratulations! - details on the proposal are here if you're interested).

I love the idea of the pastel tuxes, so I'll head off to goodwill this evening. I'll try out Backstage and Bruce's too.

I'll come back and add photos, as long as it isn't a complete shambles...
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