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I need some help with zombie makeup.

I dont usually do costumes, but this Halloween I was thinking about being an Investment Zombie, (though my actual fate upon being bitten by a member of the undead would be "Hedge Zombie") So I was thinking trash an old shirt & tie, lightly dust a suit with baby powder and do some zombie makeup. The make-up advice I have found from google has been really advanced and I am a novice at make-up.

So, finally we get to the question: what is some quick and easy zombie make-up?
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You might be able to go to your local MAC make-up counter and get it done for you. (Click "Look Details" to find a store and make an appointment.)
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Youtube has some good toilet paper/cotton ball examples.

Here is the toilet paper example written step-by-step.
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Get some Knox unflavored gelatin. Mix it double strength (or even triple strength). Dribble it on your face, and shape it into wounds, rot, etc. while it is still drying (if you make it strong enough, it sets quickly). This works well with a wooden sculpting knife. Powder with face powder to set.

Cover it with greyed out base, powder to set, and put fake blood into the wounds. You can make your own with Karo syrup, a little Hershey's chocolate, and red and blue food coloring. Mostly red, just a touch of blue.

If you can make it to a theatrical supply shop, you can buy this stuff called "fresh scab." That's particularly good to put inside the gaping wounds. I suppose you could make some yourself by adding the food coloring, a little Hershey's syrup to strongly made Knox gelatin.

If you build up wounds on your face with the gelatin, you can stick things through the fake skin - safety pins, stitches, etc.

Good luck!
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The easiest thing is to smear Elmer's glue on your face, let it dry, then pull it off halfway and put paint over that. It looks fantastic.
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