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Help me make computer zombie costumes for my drama class students.

My drama class of 8th through 12th graders has written a play based on student experiences with cyberbullying, Warcraft addiction, and other such internet-related issues. They decided to structure their play in the form of a zombie movie: there's a chain tweet going around, infecting people one by one, everyone blames the eccentric kid who doesn't have a facebook account, it all turns out to have been planned by a disgruntled biology teacher, etc. etc. They have created a delightful little play.

What I would like to think of are some creative ways to dress up the zombified actors (the enzomble, if you will). The kids have found quite a few images like this one, images of human bodies and computers combined. There is appartently a room at my school chock full of dead computer parts, and the assistant principal has given me the go-ahead to scavenge those for costume bits. What would be easy/safe/not-a-huge-pain-in-the-ass to use for zombie costumes? Or is there another direction I could be going in?
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wires, cables, cards (like video cards, audio cards, things like that) - be careful of poky bits. stay away from CRT monitors. you might look at pictures of the borg (from start trek) to get some ideas.
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Image searches for "zombie cyborg" and related terms might have some inspiration to draw from. Standard zombie makeup + cyborg costuming. The stuff that you use for exposed skin/tissue with zombie stuff can be "revealing" various computer parts.
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get a pair of the $1 gloves, poke holes in the fingertips and have usb ports coming out of them.
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PLUG, not port.
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I just saw the term "blackberry zombie" so even something so simple as someone doing a zombie walk in zombie makeup while starring into a cell phone could work, at least for some of the back ground characters. Sounds fun!
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- Regular zombie wearing one of those neon light-up cords wrapped around them

- "Dress" made out of dragging cables...I'm picturing a long dangling skirt kind of thing

- Helmet/hat made from empty computer monitor box (like cardboard robot costumes)
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I think you should definitely incorporate one of these
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