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Can you ID this early 80s music video based on ridiculously few details?

I saw the McDonald's goblins at this link today and it sparked vague memories of what I believe was an early 80s music video that had these two details (assuming I'm not conflating different videos). One, there were McDonald's goblin-like things hanging down and bouncing from, I think, Slinky-like springs; I think the final shot is of them bobbing in slow motion. Two, I think there was a giant pill that shows up a time or two (I'm thinking the implication is that it's an enormous Quaalude for recreational purposes).

I remember seeing it in the early days of MTV and then more recently on VH1 Classics, but trying to remember the song and artist is driving me batty!
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New Order's "True Faith"?
posted by nkknkk at 12:21 PM on September 9, 2011

nkknkk, nope that's not it. The "goblins" were more like puppets, and I think they had "googly eyes." Thanks, though!
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woah Kitteh I was just about to post This Love and Rockets video with bubblemen near the end (also a long shot).
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Nope, no Bubblemen; I somehow never managed to know of their existence until just now.

As I recall, the bobbing thingies were really like the McDonald's goblins. Possibly it was their legs that were like Slinkies.
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Looks like I was in fact conflating two videos: the pill stuff is from David Bowie's "Fashion". Still obsessing about those damn googly-eyed goblins!
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It's ringing a bell and I'll see what I can come up with; you sure it wasn't the subway creatures from The Wiz? Those _still_ freak me out.
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I've never seen The Wiz, so I'm pretty sure I can rule that out.

I would expect the song to be new wave or a semi-popular post-punk tune, and I could swear the tone of the video is effectively "look where American/western culture is today," if only partly. Along those lines, I've thus far ruled out World Party (more than one video), Bow Wow Wow's "Do You Want To Hold Me," Love and Rockets' cover of "Ball of Confusion," Genesis' "Land of Confusion," and Timbuk3's "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades."
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Long shot, but it's not Utopia's "Feet Don't Fail Me Now," is it? (The audio has been ganked from that clip, but it's out there on YT.)
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mintcake!, I love that song, and the video is a lot closer, but not what I'm thinking of. Now that I realize the David Bowie bit is separate, I'm starting to wonder if the 'goblins' bit wasn't from an alternative video of the late 80s to the early 90s, which makes the haystack that much larger. I appreciate everybody's help!
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