Web Banner Ad Salesman. Need questions.
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A bigshot sales guy is coming by this afternoon, trying to get my organization to buy web ads on a regional newspaper site. What should I ask him?
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Viewer statistics and demographic information. They should have that as a document ready to give you at the meeting, actually.
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Ask about how many impressions he's going to guarantee, and see if he can promise that 100% of the impressions will be served on the newspaper's site, and not any other sites owned by the paper. Sometimes web ad traffickers will deliver impressions by pushing them out to much crappier sites than the one they sold you at $5 per thousand impressions.
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Do they charge per impressions or per ad? How many impressions should you expect to get? Who will design the web ad? Will his creative department work with you to adjust the ad as many times as it takes to make you happy? How will they track the results of the ad for you? Will there be reporting?
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"How long do you expect your business model to remain viable?"

Kidding. Seriously-

Do they charge per impression or per click? Impressions are worthless.
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More important is to ask yourself this question.

When is the last time you noticed a banner ad?
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He's not a bigshot. Not really. I promise. He's just a salesman.

Ask him what their make-good policy is. Ask to see the latest circulation reports (which now include online). Ask if they've had their numbers audited. Ask if they allow A/B testing to see which ads work best in which places. Ask if they will help with creative and design, including custom sizing. Ask if they allow Flash.
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How many of your readers are blocking all ads?
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