When the humans are away, the cats will play...with whom?
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Suggestions for the best afforable cat boarding/cat sitters in NYC?

My boyfriend and I are going away in October and need to board our two lovely, but skittish, two-year-old shelter-adopted cats while we're away, or find a trustworthy person to check in on/care for them. We're in NYC (Spanish Harlem). I am aware that I must post pictures, which I will do promptly after work (photo-sharing sites blocked here).

Our current best option is the PetSmart PetsHotel in the new East River Plaza, which seems like a nice facility, but it's pricey at $30 a night, and the cats would be confined to two small kennel interconnected kennels. There's daily playtime, but we still felt a little sad visiting, thinking of our cats alone and cooped up for the greater part of 10 days. Another factor (though less important) is the price - with a 25% sibling discount we're looking at $525+tax. We don't mind paying up, but we also figure there are other options, and some that would be better for the cats, too. However, I can't turn up anything promising by searching Yelp.

We previously had a vet-recommended petsitter come check in on them when we were away for a few days, which seemed like a better option since the cats would not have to leave their comfot zone, and would presumably get some attention from a purported "animal lover". Unfortunately, the individual didn't take good care of the cats (litterbox was very clearly uncleaned, not entirley convinced she came as frequently as she promised).

We're asking friends and our doorman, but we hoped NYC-based (or familiar) Mefites would have a recomendation or two for us. We'd prefer specific recommendations (people/places), but all advice gladly accepted. Feel free to DM me. We trust y'all. Thanks in advance!
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I will direct MeMail you.
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I've had good luck finding cat sitters through my local pet supply store. They can often direct you to people who live in the neighborhood, which means the are more likely to come by at regular intervals, and it's easier to meet them and get good references.
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I MeMailed you as well.
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I have had good luck with The Cat Practice. They're a bit of a hike from you, but they're a cats-only veterinary and boarding place and they're really great. I'm not sure about pricing, but they're wonderful about socializing the cats, and they even have cats who live there full-time.
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Seconding the Cat Practice. Nice people, and they do a good job taking care of your kitties. The kennels are pretty big, but they do let your cats socialize. If it's a quiet week, your cats will be out and wandering around most of the time while people are there.

I think it's $25/night for the first cat, and they also have a discount for the second cat.

Say hi to Miss Kitty (the friendly cat who owns the place) if you take your cats there!
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! We've got some great options now. Here are the pics I promised: boy & girl.
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Also I'm glad you have options, but is there no one you can have stay with them in the house? As a frequent live-in cat-sitter, I'm concerned about your incredibly adorable cats!
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