Help me find my favorite pen?
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Help me identify and find this writing pen I remember.

Like 10 years ago, there were these pens that were by far my favorite pen I had ever written with. I can't recall the brand, but I remember they were yellow, with some other part of it being a different color representing the color of the ink. The thing that stands out most about these pens, physically, is hard to explain, but it's sort of asymmetrical. The very top of the cap sort of slopes down so one side on the top of the cap is higher up than the other. I remember them being available in blue and black, and maybe also red. I would love to find these pens again (I hope they still exist!). They were roller ball and wrote very smoothly and boldly. Anyone?
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Best answer: Staedtler liquid point? My favorite.
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Response by poster: The one I wanted to find is the 4th from the left in that picture. Did they stop making those?? Why would they ever?
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The 415. It's listed on the French Canadian site, but the 5/7 is the only variant listed on the US site.
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Best answer: Ships worldwide
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Response by poster: holgate and Iris Gambol - Since there is no picture on that site that has them for sale, I need to ask: Are we sure the 415s are the old skool mostly yellow ones? Because I found some pens by the same brand but they're black and different. I can't remember if they referred to those as 415s too or not. I don't want to buy all those pens from that place if it's something I can get on Amazon with free shipping. However, if those are the yellow awesome pens I remember, I will gladly buy them. Help?

And thank you everybody else too!
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Best answer: Hi jitterbug perfume, if you look at the first link I posted and scroll down, you'll see that the person is really talking about the 415 in particular (there's another photo) for confirmation. Hope this helps. I might buy some from the UK too because they are amazing and I have only a few left in my stash. I'll double-check on my own pen and let you know if I don't see 415 on it (I just found one of the yellow ones literally like a few days ago while cleaning out my desk!).
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Response by poster: When you say "the 415 in particular", are you using that phrase to refer to the yellow ones? As in, are you proposing that the link suggests that only those exact yellow ones are referred to as the 415? Because if so, that means the 415s someone found are what I (we) were looking for!!! Like I said, I don't want to make a purchase like that with no photo without knowing what I'm getting. Thanks so much theredpen, and please do let me know what you find out. Everyone else, please please keep the answers coming if you have anything at all to add.
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Best answer: The yellow cap is found on the Liquid Point 415. We know this because the caps were used as "Jedi Food Capsules" in the Star Wars prequels, and enthusiasts have used them to replicate the costume. This forum thread contains a reply from Staedtler confirming that "die gelben" (the yellow caps) belong to the 415, while the 416/417 (aka the 5/7) have anthracite caps.
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Best answer: And if you look at that eBay seller's small photo for that entry, it's of a yellow-capped pen.
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