Attaching a small pen to a small notebook.
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I have a smallish pocket notebook (3.5x6), and a Lamy Pico ballpoint pen. I'd like to devise a way to attach the pen to the notebook. Help?

First off, the Lamy Pico is an amazing pen; it's very short, but telescopes to a full length, and it has characteristically smooth writing, like all Lamy ballpoints. The only issue with the pen is that since it's totally smooth--no clips or anything, just a little capsule/cylinder shape--it's very difficult to attach it to anything, and it's so small that I fear I will lose it if I just carry it loose in my pocket.

My notebook is a Silvine pocketbook. Almost just like a Moleskine, in that the finish is kind of soft and matte.

How can I attach the pen to the book, so that I can reliably carry both without constantly worrying about the pen? With previous notebooks, I've made a little loop sort of thing out of electrical tape, and then used duct tape to tape that loop to the outside cover of the book. I'd rather not use that approach again; the pen still easily slides out of the loop, and it looks sloppy and irks me.

I've considered a small tab of velcro on the pen and one on the cover. This might work, but it would compromise the awesomely slick design of the pen. And, I'm not sure that the pen is thick enough that enough of the velcro would be exposed to really attach it to the book.

Does anyone have any other ideas?
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Best answer: The Container Store sells adhesive pen loops. The loop is ridged elastic and relatively narrow circumference.
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Best answer: you want a pen loop from container store.
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Response by poster: The container store pen loop looks awesome! Sadly, it costs £13 to ship to the UK, where I am. Amazon has a Leuchtturm pen loop. Does anyone have experience with these, and if so, can anyone indicate if the loop size is pretty tight (tight enough to hold a pen with no clip)?
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Best answer: I have one of the Leuchtturm ones! It certainly holds a pencil snugly. Unless that Lamy pen is super thin it should work fine.
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Response by poster: Great! Ordered the Leuchtturm one from Amazon. Looks like it will work perfectly. Thanks all for the help!
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Best answer: A little late, but to set your mind at ease: I use a Leuchtturm loop with my Lamy Pico and it works great.
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You can also make your own. You need 1" elastic, a sewing needle, and some thread. It's best to sew it on to some place where there is already a seam or other reinforcement on your notebook. You could even use rubber-backed "gripper" elastic, to really hold your pen.
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I have a couple of these stainless steel pen clips that fit in the spine of a Moleskine and I love them.
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Response by poster: Just a quick follow up: my loop arrived today from Amazon (UK Amazon free next day shipping for students is amazing, BTW) and it works perfectly. The sticker part is very strong, it seems, and it holds a Pico perfectly, with tightness to spare, so if it loosens over time it will probably continue to hold.

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