I want to colour big pictures again
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Childhood memory filter: as a kid in the early 80's we would get these fantastic posters to colour in. Each poster came in a cardboard tube with a unique set of felt tip pens to colour it. Where can I find these now?

The poster would be roughly A3 in size. If it was, for example, an underwater scene then there would be a lot of different shades of blue and green pens and one red, one yellow etc. If it was a forest scene then a lot of browns and greens etc. My brothers and I would get one each at Christmas for a couple of years, each one would take days to finish and I loved it. I'd love to have one now (for myself and my daughter). Any idea on what these were called or whether they, or something similar, are still available somewhere.
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Best answer: I remember those. Something like these posters seems similar.
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I see these all the time. Check the markers/kid art area of your favorite big box.
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(Or at least that's where I see them in the US.)
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Response by poster: @xingcat - that looks very like them (same idea), but different brand etc I think.

@bluedaisy - I'm not sure what you mean by favorite big box (I don't live in the US). Sorry if I'm being a total dunce here.
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Do you have big arts & crafts stores in your country? (In the USA it would be Michael's, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, something like that--I don't know if they're international.) I've been able to get big posters like that for my kids (and husband) there.
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Response by poster: Nah, no big arts & crafts stores here (I'm on a little island, not many big stores of any description to be honest). I'll look around their websites and the next time I'm in the US.
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oh! I know exactly what you are talking about. Man, I loved those! Now I shall spend all day searching for them for both of us.
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It looks like a possible term is "coloring poster." There are quite a few on Amazon.
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Best answer: DoodleArt?
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Response by poster: Ooooh, I think it could well be Doodle Art... I need to check with the family but, if so, guess what everyone's getting for Christmas 2011!
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Sorry to be unclear--a big box store in the US is Target, Wal-Mart, that kind of place.
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