FoldzFlat replacement
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I've long wowed friends by pulling my amazing FoldzFlat pen out of my wallet. But it just ran out of ink. Now that the cheap plastic ones have been discontinued, I don't want to pony up $25 for a metal one that's not even refillable. Is there an alternative?

I really, really want a pen that will fit in my All-Ett wallet. That knocks out the Grippa Slip flat pen, which is a bit too bulky, as well as most round wallet pens such as the Zebra mini pen. The only other alternative I can find that doesn't add an extra item to my pockets is this Fisher space pen, but I lost one of those before.

The FoldzFlat pen was so ingenious.
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From the pics, it almost looks like you could crack open a standard Bic pen, take the skinny little pen guts out of it, and replace the pen guts in the plastic foldy thing with the (perhaps slightly trimmed) Bic pen guts. Maybe you already thought of that, and there's a reason it won't work.
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Thanks for asking this question. You reminded me that I should really order some more Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Pen refills so I can keep one tucked in my wallet again. They're not good for extended writing at all, but all I ever need a pen for when I'm out and about is to endorse a check and maybe write down an address or phone number once in a while, and they're great for that.
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Are you sure they've been discontinued? It seems like these guys stock them.
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Out of stock, Magnakai.
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eBay (albeit wiith funny shapes).
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This wallet pen is tiny. And expensive.
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Well, it looks like someone needs to get into the "flat pens with refills built-in" business.
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Best answer: If you have a sense of humor about their appearance, this retailer can sell you thirty at a rate of $0.60 each after shipping.
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Oooh ... maybe some of us can go in on a box and split!
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Response by poster: Ingenious!! You've found a retailer that still stocks them. And a box of 30, no less! I'll never run out again! (For the record, I would probably buy them even if the tail of the pen was a photo of Sarah Palin and proceeds from every box went to SarahPAC.)
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I very rarely use it, but the pen on my Swiss Army Mini Champ is always there on my keychain.
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My Victorinox replacement retractable Swiss Army pens came today, and since I also carry an All-Ett I thought I might as well show you what it looks like tucked in there, right above the cards in the pre-stitched slot that seems made for it.
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