Bulletin boards in Philly?
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Physical bulletin boards for flyer postings in Philly?

I'm doing an in-person meetup group (see my profile) that is sort of like the online-only Compassion Pit or what might come out of MetaFilter's ThereIsHelp feature if it gets off the ground.

I'm wondering which coffeeshops and businesses have bulletin boards (or tables) where I can put a flyer?

I'm using Yelp to make a list of coffeeshops and I know Whole Foods have bulletin boards. Where else should I be looking, generally or specifically, that typically have a public bulletin board space? Yoga studios? Churches/Synagogues/Mosques/community centers?

Specific businesses/organizations/addresses would be super helpful. Thank you.
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Starbucks has (or, as of a few years ago, had) bulletin boards in all of its stores in Baltimore. That might be a good place to start!
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Gold Standard at 49th and Baltimore has one. I believe the branches of Green Line Cafe (one at 43rd and Baltimore, one at 4...6th? and Locust) do as well. I would suggest just walking down Baltimore Avenue; there are a ton of business, most of which I suspect have flyer places.
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Seconding walking down Baltimore. The Green Line Cafe on Locust is on the corner of 45th and Locust, unless they moved in the last year since I moved away.
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Gleaner's Cafe in South Philly has an active community bulletin board. Essene Market's also seems fairly well used.
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Seconding Essene Market - their board is big, right next to the door and always neat. Adding the Whole Foods on 20th St. Benna's Cafe on 8th will let you hang something there for a while, but it's a small space so don't count on it being there a long time. Rocket Cat in Fishtown I *think* has bulletin board space but I can't actually visualize it for some reason.
I'll add more places if I can think of any.
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Thanks all; I missed several of these when I made my preliminary list. Still watching this thread.
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Are asking for a specific area or the city as a whole? Because Philly is huge... (i.e. are you considering the northwest and northeast sections as well, or are you just looking at more central locations?)

there are lots of businesses and coffeeshops in Germantown, Mt. Airy, and Chestnut Hill...

in Mt Airy (because I am more familiar with it)
: Weaver's Way Food Coop
Infusion Cafe (Germantown and Mt. Pleasant)
Coffee shop at Allen's Lane train station
coffeeshop at top of the Hill in Chestnut HIll (Germantown Ave, near the Chestnut Hill West R8 train station.
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Penn's campus has a few. I'm thinking in particular on the walkway by Van Pelt library, outsdie the Quad dorms, and others.
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12th St Gym has several bulletin boards, but none you can reach as a nonmember. Know anyone who goes there?
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Are asking for a specific area or the city as a whole?

More central to start: West Philly/University City, Center City, Fishtown/Northern Liberties, South Philly, Art Museum area, and everything sort of in that radius that I'm missing.
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