How to mask or get creative with stupid embroidered logo on shirt?
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Need to get creative and turn a dorkish fonted *B* into something beautiful.

Got a whole bunch of black shirts with a really corny white *B* embroidered on the pocket. Cringe. The shirts are kind of cool other than the logo. Want to do something creative in a subtle way that'll look nice, not whacky.

Looking for creative ideas how to turn the B into something else without resorting to words which I don't want. Would go with appliqued florals sewn on top of the B - painting abstracts or just filling in the white with black to camouflage it completely - but I'd know it was still there receding in the background and that's not cool. So - your thoughts on this please and if possible links and/or photos. Thanks!
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A picture of the *B* would be helpful.
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Can you get a seam ripper and just remove the stitching? If it's a knit shirt the holes from the stitches should disappear after a trip through the laundry. Might be worth a try.
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You could add some wings and stuff and turn the "B" into an actual bee? But that might still be corny, I don't know
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I've seam-ripped ugly machine embroidery before. If the B is very small it may be hard to do if you don't have experience doing it, but if all the stitches are bigger than, say, a millimeter or two, it'll be super easy.
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davejay - Here's a similar one - except the background is blue

TooFewShoes- I could do that - except it's a lot of work and I got 10 shirts to rip - ack. Anyway the stitching is very closely done - I think I'd mess it up. So neh.
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maybe some decorative floral design? Or do something with 3D, a B that looks like Jean-Claude Fahri's Secret Point or the mare139 graffiti sculpture?
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Just sew another kind of fabric onto the pocket in a pocket shape!
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You could apply an applique over the top. Themed shirts for every occasion!
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How about carefully using black permanent marker on the B to make it blend into the shirt? Chances are it'll fade in the wash, but you can just refresh the marker.
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Make some beautiful little fabric flowers and pin them over the B. You might want to take them off before washing though.
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Remove the Bs from 5 shirts. On the remaining five shirts, sew the Bs, upside down, to the immediate left of the Bs that are already there. Voila! Five shirts with stylized butterflies on them.
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Remove the pocket altogether
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Remove the pocket with the B, then have another pocket sewn on.

I would go with very bright or very saturated solid colors. The contrast between the black and a nice solid green, blue, pink or even white pocket would look really swell. (Have someone with a good eye for color matching pick for you, if you aren't confident in your own ability.) As a bonus you can make the new pockets every so slight bigger than the old pockets to cover up any obvious blemished from removing the old pockets.

These are short-sleeve shirts right?
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I'd go with either a) replacing/covering the pocket with another pocket (you could probably pay an alterations place to do this), or b) buying a bunch of cool brooches and pinning a different one over the "B" each time.
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How big is the B? Could you just put a button over it?

Or, alternatively, could you just remove the pockets? If they're polos and only have the one pocket, I don't think you lose a lot of value without the pocket...but obviously if they're button-downs and have pockets on each side, then it becomes more work.

Or maybe a fun take on pocket squares with some fun scarfy-like fabric?
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