Cool tee designs printed on American Apparel t-shirts (2011 update)?
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What cool t-shirts are printed on American Apparel (2011 update)?

American Apparel medium t-shirts fit excellently on me... I've found some good t-shirt designs online that are printed on these, but I'd like to find more. This post would update this 2005 AskMe.

I know about Topatoco and like some of theirs, and have bought a few from InsanelyGreatTees...

I generally dislike punny, pop culture-referencing "Threadless"-style shirts.
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Best answer: There are quite a few Etsy sellers that print on American Apparel shirts. Here I just did a search for American Apparel tshirts and 7,668 items popped up.
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I forgot to mention that if you see something you like and it's on a ladies or kids shirt you can contact the seller and see if they can print it for you in your size. For most that kind of a request isn't a problem at all.
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Best answer:
Also, t-shirts from the Kill Rock Stars record label site.

My link in my previous answer borked.
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I generally dislike punny, pop culture-referencing "Threadless"-style shirts.

Then shirtwoot may not be for you, as recently almost all the day shirts have been puns. And the derby shirts are usually gamer jokes or cutesy stuff.

(if you like cutesy rabbits or fluffy animals though, you're in luck)
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WFMU reliably features a limited edition tshirt each year as one of their pledge drive options, and have always used American Apparel in the past. I can't confirm that is true for this year's shirt, but certainly nothing is cooler than WFMU :)
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The Austin, TX company Under Pressure uses American Apparel tshirts:

Under Pressure

Here is their esty shop.
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This is probably rather niche, but if you're a fan of David Lynch, the fund-raising T-shirt for the LynchThree documentary is printed on American Apparel.
posted by robself at 8:38 AM on August 15, 2011 uses American Apparel shirts for their "premium" shirts. You can search through thousands of pre-made designs there.
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Yellow Bird Project prints special indie band (think Bon Iver and New Pornographers kind of indie) designs AA t-shirts with the proceeds benefiting charity.

"We are a Montreal-based nonprofit called Yellow Bird Project. We work with an amazing range of indie rock musicians to create unique t-shirt designs that benefit an array of charities, each chosen by the musicians."
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Fangamer has a ton of pretty sweet-looking gaming-related stuff. They're run by some of the people from the quintessential EarthBound fansite, but have diversified into all sorts of gaming fan merchandise. Largely retro.
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Ugmonk prints on AA (although there is no trace of that on the finished shirts.)
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Response by poster: Thank you for everyone's answers - Etsy and some of others have a few that are just what I am looking for. I'll do a massive order later this week from several of these places. The Cafepress site probably has some good shirts if I can find them, but they're mixed in with rage-inducing CollegeHumor ones etc. so it'll take some digging.

hal_c_on thank you for your kind offer... I am so ridiculously particular about clothing that I can look at a hundred t-shirts and not pick any of them, so it might be best if you kept them for a rainy day. Even finding the ones I like from the sites in this thread took several hours of hunting and rejecting page after page of them. Cheers though!
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The guys next door to me at Raygun do nothing but American Apparel, I believe. Their recent take on Romney's "Corporations are people, too" went mini-viral.
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I run a family of t-shirt sites (6 and growing!), and my stuff is all offered in American Apparel. Here are a some of them:

Hirsute History (famous people illustrated by their hair)
Teach the Controversy (ironic anti-creationist shirts)
Sir Critter (fancy animals in top hats and monocles)
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