Where can I find this shirt?
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Cesar Milan ("The Dog Whisperer") occasionally wears a black shirt bearing a logo that looks like a crowned boxing lion (think medieval England). What make is it and where can I get one?
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In heraldic terms, a Lion Rampant? Like one of these?

You want a shirt like his, right? Not just the lion.
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Yes, just at a guess it's probably a shirt with the heraldic sign for some country. Take a look at that Wiki heraldry page, and see if the lion he has matches one of the pictures there. Then search for t-shirts of that country.
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Express polo/tennis shirts have something like that.
(non-direct linking Flash site, an ebay auction)
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It sounds like Pringle (Flash site).
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I was looking for something with the Pringle logo to respond, because it doesn't come up on the Pringle site, but while I was looking, cushie beat me to it. But I finally found the logo: is this it?
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Here's a picture of a shirt with the logo.
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Response by poster: @ cmiller & LobsterMitten: Exactly, a lion rampart. It looks closest to the coat of arms of Luxembourg, but I think it's a brand symbol and not a patriotic emblem.

@ cushie & Tochter: Pringle might be it, but their line looks so formal (even the golfwear). Checking out more of the site...
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Sounds like the Mossimo logo too.
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the heraldic lion logo has been overused to death in recent years by every clothing brand under the sun. i'd say there's about a 1 in a 1000 chance that Cesar is wearing a Pringle shirt, considering how tightly distributed that brand is (and judging from the rest of his wardrobe choices). most likely Express since they blew that logo out across their line this last season
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Won't it be in the credits somewhere? I know many other shows say "So-and-so's wardrobe by _____."
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Tommy Hilfiger's been using that logo quite frequently as well. I have several shirts featuring that logo from Tommy.
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