What cool t-shirts use American Apparel?
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Where can I get more cool designs printed on t-shirts from American Apparel?

I have one from spamusement.com (the Cabinet Sanchez shirt that is no longer in stock), one from Achewood, and one from the Decemberists (not the shirt shown but a green one with the same design). I love how soft and comfy the shirts are, and as a big girl, the men's XL fits me perfectly. I would be happy if I could just wear them every day. The AA store just opened in Seattle but I like shirts with stuff printed on them so I was just wondering if the cool folks here could offer some suggestions of other places on the web (or RL in Seattle) where I can get these comfy shirts that would also be cool and interesting.
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Best answer: Glarkware is great.
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American Apparel actually has a list of some of the shops that use their shirts. It's not a definitive list by any means, but it's definitely a great starting out point. I love the shirts at Talla and they are coming out with their spring/summer stuff soon. Everytime I wear one of their shirts I get compliments. Most of Barking Irons shirts are on AA as well, but some are not, so check.
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2inches does some (all?) of their shirts on AA
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B-Bam on Capitol Hill at Pike & Broadway does good work and their clerks are pretty cool. They might be a little pricey, but most (all?) of their clothes are American Apparel and if you have a particular logo or design you want, you can email them a picture and they'll put it on shirt for you.
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Threadless, for their design selection alone. Note that they only print "babydoll" and "girly" tee shapes on AA stock, so if you prefer straight tees, you'll have to make do with their Fruit of the Loom stock.

Political: iheartblue, if you lean left and don't mind stoking the red-vs-blue flames. Only four designs so far, but "I'm with stupid" really spoke to me (I'm in Texas).
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Oops, you mentioned you're a men's XL. Probably need to nix Threadless if you must have AA stock -- though you really should flip through their designs if you haven't heard of them before.
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College Humor/Dusty Brand tees are both funny and American Apparelly.
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Response by poster: B-Bam says "All our blank shirts are made by Alternative Apparel in Atlanta, GA". That's not the same thing as American Apparel in Los Angeles, CA. Sorry.
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