Origin of American Art Wear t-shirt?
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Where do t-shirts come from? I bought a t-shirt from a thirft store with a funny print. It reads "America. Made by Humans." It's a standard baseball style shirt otherwise, but its tag was "American Art Wear." I'm interested in the printing of the t-shirt more than the original manufacturer of the shirt. The manager of the store said something a bit cryptic: that the owner/clothes buyer gets most of the tees off the backs of trucks at trade fairs. Who is in the business of printing t-shirts for this kind of distribution? Who is "American Art Wear"?
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It might be a knock-off of American Apparel:

It would be troubling, if so, but not too surprising.
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you can call em and find out : >
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When I used to live in Eugene, Oregon, I had a work buddy who owned a screen-printing business as a second job. He evidently made lots of shirts like the sort you are talking about - I suppose there must have been some nationwide network of those sort of people long before CafePress came into existence :-)
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I co-own a company that sells shirts. Some stores sell ours (not as many as we'd like, but still...). You either (a) hustle each store either at their location or at a trade show, and/or (b) get yourself listed in a catalog.

It's just like any distribution network. It all comes down to marketing. There's no secret.
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