Help me find the t-shirt dress of my dreams
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I'm looking for a basic t-shirt dress that's flattering, affordable, and long enough to wear to work.

There's a billion online, but I'm looking for this garment in its most elemental form: just a long, fitted t-shirt, no bells and whistles. The other challenge is length-- I'm 5'10" and looking for something I can wear to work, so something of at least 33".
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As a fellow tall gal, I would also be interested in finding this. I have, in the past, had success shortening maxi dresses to the right length.
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Have you ever tried J Jill? I have friends who swear by their clothing. Their t-shirt dress is 39 1/2" for the tall size, and oddly, the women's size is 40".
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I came in to suggest J. Jill too. I think their latest collection also includes a linen knit t-shirt dress.
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About that jjill dress: The misses (your typical size 2-14) length is 37 1/2. "Womans" means plus sixe (16+) which is why its longer when measured flat..
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How about this one from Athleta? I have two of these and they are great. You can pull it down for a little more work appropriate look, then raise the hem line by tightening up the ruching a bit. It is so comfy and flattering and does not look sloppy. Dress it up with a wedge or strappy heel and and wear out to dinner or cocktails, or dress it down with flats or flip flops and be casual.
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I've had really good luck with Scotch and Soda- an amsterdam brand. (I'm 5'9", wear a size 10 on average, wear what scotch and soda calls a 4 in dresses, but wear a 3 in tops otherwise) They're short on info about explicit lengths online, but looking at ASOS you can more or less sort out how the dresses will fall on you (ASOS lists model height- usually 5'9-5'11 which is actually STUPIDLY USEFUL even if you are not model thin). I can measure a t-shirt dress from last year when I get home and post the info. They CAN be a bit pricey, but I've found the quality to be really. really good, and sales do pop up every once in a while.

I've also found that midi legth dresses basically hit me at the knee, and as long as they don't have a defined waist, I can wear them with a belt at MY waist. Something like this might work really well (model is 5'9", dress hits her right below the knee).
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ugh wrong link. This midi dress via pop surgar would probably fit your bill perfectly.
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Eileen Fisher for Garnet Hill- there are a couple of options but this seems to be the simplest.
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Would the ¾-Sleeve Balance Dress from Eddie Bauer work? It comes in tall sizes. I'm not seeing the length on the website but you could ask them.

I'm your height and find that LL Bean's dresses fit me even though they don't come in tall sizes (and their jackets, shirts, etc are too short). This Fitness Dress looks like a long T-shirt. Again I'm not seeing the length, but I know if you do the chat they'll look up the garment measurements for you.
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I've bought at least ten items from Hope at Etsy. Her fabrics are wonderful, and she is quick, responsive, ships in a timely manner, and is an excellent sewer. She is very accommodating and will make any sleeve or hem length you want. I get my tshirts and tshirt dresses with super long sleeves that bunch over my that. I can't say enough how much I love her clothes. Everything fits like a dream. Basically you are getting a custom made dress at a very likable price when you purchase from her. The direct link to the dresses/tunics selection is on the left side menu. My favorite part of purchasing from someone who has different fabrics is that I am able to order something that fits well in multiple colors.
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This Madewell T-shirt dress does have a zipper on the back but seems otherwise pretty ideal. I am also tall and generally find their dresses to be of a reasonable length; this one says 34 1/2 inches from the shoulder.
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33" in dress length isn't that long. I'm 5'2" and 33" from the shoulder falls to mid-thigh on me, too short for work, although I do have a long torso for my height. Have you measured a dress, flat, that you've tried on, to make sure that's the length you're looking for?
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I just ordered this from Land's End.
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Response by poster: Anyone got leads on something more fitted?
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Response by poster: This is what I was looking for.
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That's quite the slide-slit for something you're wearing to work. (I am old.)
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Response by poster: I usually wear opaque tights, so it should be pretty unscandalous, all told.
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