What drug(s) was this?
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Some months ago, when visiting a friend in an apartment complex that has no known reports of obvious drug activity, I saw a mystery baggie on the floor of the elevator.

It was a printed (with hearts), small (about the size of a quarter coin, but square) ziploc-style baggie with a tiny amount (flat, and about the size of a dime coin) of what looked like marijuana in it. I didn't pick it up but have been wondering what it could have been. It seemed like too small an amount to be just pot but I am somewhat ignorant in these matters. This is in the US.

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Was it brown and looked like herbs? It was probably marijuana.

Tons of people live in apartments that don't have "obvious drug activity" smoke weed. Lots of people smoke weed like other people drink wine.

And where is this registry of apartments with known drug activity? Is there a Yelp or something for that?

Now, as for a ziploc with hearts on it? That's a little silly. My guess is that those baggies were on sale after Valentines Day.
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Cannabis. Example.
Hashish. Example.
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This is unlikely but: I have some tiny ziploc bags, maybe 1"x2" rectangles, that have various cooking herbs in them. They were part of a sampler set from a fancy spice company.

They don't have hearts on them, though.
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good weed sells by the gram, not the ounce. was is super green?

and, i know lots of stoners who use silly ziplocks - i mean, they shop high.
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it could have also been the detritus of the bag which is why there was so little in there and why someone didn't notice they dropped it.
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Maybe salvia. The concentrated (that's not exactly the right word) kind is only used in small amounts, so that would explain just having a tiny bad of it.
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The little baggies (aka dimebags) that small amounts of weed are commonly sold in often have printed patterns on them. Diamonds, hearts, dollar signs, etc.
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it's been my experience that stoners lose their weed a lot. i've found it from time to time.
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Yeah it was a dime bag (10.00$) bag. Fairly common way to sell it in some areas. I have also found weed in random places on more than one occasion. silly stoners!
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lester's sock puppet reminded me of an applicable quote:
Only users lose drugs.
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It seems too small to be pot. The typical smaller size would be enough to roll a joint unless it was a super potent hit size to be mixed with your favorite blunt. Regardless, pot is common enough among a wide variety of people that it does not indicate "drug activity" in the same way as finding needles or crack pipes.
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It could have also been "spice" - the synthetic cannabinoid sold as a pot alternative undetectable in drug tests.
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It was weed. I've seen baggies like that (small) with all kinds of designs on them. Hearts, chocolate chips, stars. What's printed on the baggie has nothing to do with whats inside.
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The other thing that commonly comes in these little printed baggies is screens (for pot pipes). But yeah, if it looked like weed and not like a bunch of little metal discs, then it probably was.
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Another example pic.
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Yeah, I'd vote weed. Dime bags have all sorts of silly shit on them - I've seen batman logos, carebears, hearts, lions, tigers and bears. Oh my.
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I was just having a discussion recently, about how little people realise, about how *little* pot many people use. The more functional, the less they use.

Therefore, I conclude - weed.

I know people who smoke regularly, but such a little amount, that even smoking every night, their total weekly usage would approximate... 1/2 of a cigarette?
Literally one 'puff' each time.

This also led to us concluding that is probably the reason some people have a bad first time with pot - trying to smoke cigarette-like quantities, rather than a single inhale, and working up from there. The same should go for all psychoactive substances, but just say no doesn't educate people, when they inevitably don't say no.
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