Why hasn't our new dog peed yet?
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We adopted a dog this morning and he still hadn't peed. How concerned should we be? New dog owners need reassurance! :)

We brought this little guy home from Woofstock this morning. He didn't pee at all that morning (we left at around 11) and it's now 5:00 and he still hasn't urinated, despite several visits outside (including an hour-long walk). He has eaten about 1/2 cup of his 2/3 cup of food for the day, and has had water a few times (he also has consistent access to a clean, cool bowl of water that's next to his food).

We just got back from the walk and he had some more water. He seems pretty tired, so we're hoping that he'll take a little nap and then be ready to relieve himself outside after that. But I'm not sure. Are we worrying too much?

Other info: he's really sweet, and doesn't seem to have any anxiety or other problems around other people and dogs. He has a bit of trouble on the leash but it's mostly tugging to either side when he wants to go smell something. I imagine he hasn't gotten to spend a lot of time outside lately so he's pretty jazzed to just be smelling new stuff.

(By the way, we're still trying to come up with the perfect name - we're open to suggestions. So far, we like Hector, Francis, Hugo, and Bernard).

(Also by the way: we'll take any vet recommendations for the Seattle area, especially near Capitol Hill).
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When he's tugging on the walk to go smell a plant, that's what dogs do when they pee. First sniff the plant, then pee. Let the dog smell the plant!

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Best answer: He will be fine--Just like people. some can not go when nervous/afraid and some go every 5 minutes.
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Actually, I bet zagyzebra is right. He is adorable.
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Response by poster: Zagyzebra - we figured as much, and we've been super patient with him, giving him time to smell everything, sniff every butt, etc. Thanks for the reassurance so far, though!
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He looks like a Joshua to me.
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He looks kinda like Chewbacca to me.
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Best answer: Walter. Definitely Walter.
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I like Bernard.

Are you sure he hasn't peed? Had your eye on him like a hawk have ye? :D If he's acting happy and playful, don't worry too much.
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That is a Mr Wuffles if ever I have seen one.
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Best answer: Do you have a crate to put him in, or are you planning to gate him in the kitchen or bathroom tonight? Because I bet he's nervous (despite outward appearances), and may wait until the house is quiet to do his thing. If he's crated when the urge hits, he may cry or bark to let you know he needs to go out.

Did you get any info on his background? You could try calling the group you adopted him from and see if they have a suggestion.

But, I suppose I wouldn't worry too much about him. It's your carpet or furniture I would worry about. :-) Definitely try to keep him away from anywhere you can't easily clean up pee, until you are sure he's house trained.

I love little fuzzballs like your new dude! I think Bernard is great.
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I second chewbacca. It is the only possible choice.
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Best answer: I've brought home two new-to-me dogs this year, and both of them took a while to settle into a regular bathroom routine, not peeing at first and not pooping for up to a day or so. Keep giving him chances and he should feel comfortable soon enough.

He looks like a Bodri to me.
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OK, if not Chewbacca, then Wookiee. Here are some dogs that look like Chewbacca; I think yours would fit nicely in that group.

(Also my dogs frequently go 10 hours without peeing. No worries there.)
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He looks like a Hugo to me, but does he respond to any of the names you listed?

And yes, though he's putting on an outward show of being confident and happy, he's stressed. You're doing everything right, but it's a big change for him. Before bedtime, I'd be walking him every thirty minutes or so, and praise him to heck when he pees. Eating and pooping is less of a worry the first few days.

And yep, he's adorable as all hell.
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Best answer: Don't worry about the pee thing. Present the opportunity, but trust that he won't explode and you won't have to squeeze him. Llama Dog was a rescue dog and peeing was a Thing for her for a while. Hard to claim something as your own if you're not sure it's your own. I remember sort of wanting to weep trying to get her to pee at night. Okay. Maybe I wept.

He'll be okay, just give him opportunities and try not to get too anxious about it yourselves.
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Rufus or Furley, he is cute as a button!
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What a cute cute cutie!

As far as names go, I like all four of your choices. "Hugo" might be the easiest to holler because it ends in a vowel (contrast "HUGOOOOOOOOO COME" with "FRAAAAAAANCIS COME"). On the other hand, they say that dogs don't hear consonants all that well, and "Hugo" ends with the same vowel sound as "NO," which is a little unfortunate. Frankie maybe?
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This happened with my dog on his first day with us as well. No pee or pop for 8 hours - for an 8 week puppy that is insane! He eventually peed on the floor and we just let him. He slowly overcame his pee anxiety and now goes on command!
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Seconding this: But, I suppose I wouldn't worry too much about him. It's your carpet or furniture I would worry about. :-)

It took my rescue dog a while to settle into the walking-time-is-peeing-time routine, even though her prior owners had obviously treated/trained her well, and she was only at the kennel for two days. Having new humans is a big transition for them. She would sometimes even refuse to pee outside, and then pee in the house five minutes after we got back. A few years later, the first thing she wants to do on a walk is pee.

It might help if you can find someplace a lot of other dogs have peed (the grossest lamp-post you can find?) and let him sniff at that until he gets the urge to mark his territory. Like others have said, once he finally does pee on a walk, give him lots and lots of praise.

He's an absolutely adorable dog! My name vote is for "Walter."
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If it helps to know: when I took my dachshund across the country to my new apartment, she didn't pee for 24 hours. For all she knew, she was on another planet. But eventually she adjusted fine.

Best of luck to you!

(also: yes. Mr. Wuffles.)
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Best answer: No advice - he'll pee when he wants too. Hollleee shit that is one fucking cute doggie. I would be hugging and hugging and hugging the little guy.

Chewbacca or Wookie for sure.
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Best answer: a wookie? more like an ewok.
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Response by poster: Wow, thank you everybody for the great responses. We will chill out about the peeing and let it happen when it happens.

Right now we are thinking his name might be Walter - it has been independently suggested by a bunch of different folks. Also, it will allow me to walk around the house yelling "Waaaaalllllttttt!"
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I have two dogs that are perfectly happy, healthy and well-adjusted and they regularly go all day without peeing. (I take them out every couple hours, but they just don't go.) I wouldn't worry about it. Also, I recently adopted a kitten and it took him about 12 hours to pee/poop . He ended up waiting til after we were all in bed and the house was dark, as has been mentioned up thread. So it's probably a pretty normal thing.
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Response by poster: Also, you guys, he looks like an Ewok, not a Wookie.
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I've had some success with nervous pee-ers to stand in one place for a while, let the dog have the whole of the leash, and turn around--visibly pay no attention. Obviously this needs to be a place where the dog can wander the length of the leash safely.

I'd call him Mr. Peabody.
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I'll get my coat.
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I have absolutely nothing to add and in fact I bet he's peed by now, but all sorts of high pitched squeals at how cute your new baby is. Definitely looks like an ewok and as the proud owner of 2 rescue dogs myself, I hope the karma fairy brings you something nice for choosing a rescue dog.
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Best answer: For the first few days we had our rescue we called her "The Amazing No Peeing No Pooing Dog."

Then there were several days when she would go, but only in the house, only when we weren't watching – we could walk her 25 times a day, and leave her alone for 30 seconds, and it would be the 30 seconds when she finally did her business. We just kept taking her for walks, and whenever she would pee or poop she got treats and happy praise. By the end of the first week she was perfect.

Congratulations on your cutie!!
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whenever she would pee or poop she got treats and happy praise

while on the walk, that is. Even when she went inside, we were just so relieved that she was finally going that we felt like cheering, but we managed to curb our enthusiasm. :)
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Response by poster: Update - the lil' guy did just pee, but he did it inside. We took him out right away to see if there was any more peeing to do, and now he's back in his crate (which he's doing great with, by the way).

So, we'll see what happens. I'm happy to see that this is a common thing, and I don't doubt that he will grow out of it quickly. Thanks, AskMe!
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Best answer: Yay!

btw, off-topic, but let me give you one tip as a fellow first-time dog owner who adopted a rescue: get him used to being alone a bit from the beginning. In our case, I was (am) working from home, and I didn't realize that rescues can sometimes be especially prone to separation anxiety (I didn't even know what separation anxiety was), and wanted my dog to feel safe and reassured, so I didn't leave her alone for the first couple of weeks. Not wise.

The first time we tried to go to the grocery store without her, she went crazy, and we've had a problem ever since, though it's calmed somewhat. This can be a very difficult problem to address, so if you are in the same sort of situation (at least one of you normally at home), be sure to begin conditioning him early by leaving for a few minutes at a time and building up, so he gets used to the idea of you leaving and coming back – instead of being convinced that if you leave then obviously you've left forever, and here we go again.

We've had our dog for three years, and it's only in the last year that she's been willing to go to another room and hang out on her own.
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Response by poster: Thanks, taz!
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OMG so cute!! And such a happy face!! He should be named Wicket. Wicket the Ewok.
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This may not be applicable here, since it sounds like you've got things...flowing, now, but as a data point: my grandmother once adopted a dog that had been trained not only never to pee inside, but also never to pee on leash. By day two or three the dog still hadn't peed, and she couldn't figure out why...until she finally tried letting him loose in the backyard. Poor thing peed like a mofo.
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Your pup is adorable! Perhaps you should name him Bert. Or Albert. Or maybe Ernie.
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I hereby propose the name Endor or Yubnub.
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I don't have much else to say here. Congratulations on the little guy and I like Wicket, Walter and Rufus for names.
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Response by poster: Followup, in case anyone else finds this later on: he continued to have difficulty peeing outside for a few days, and it still (a week later) takes him a few minutes to find the perfect spot. The vet confirmed that this is completely normal, especially because he was rescued from a small town in Central Washington and he probably isn't too used to the sights, sounds, smells, etc. of Seattle.

Also, more photos here and a video of him with a crabapple here .

Thanks, Metafilter!
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