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I've ordered some plastic parts from someone in Australia; what is a standard receipt form he could fill out — online to PDF or otherwise? It's a small private transaction, so VAT doesn't play into it, but I do need a receipt for my project accountant.
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Can he not just give you a receipt?
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sorry that was a bit curt. What I mean is that you can buy these books of receipts that you can fill out and rip out- can he put a plain paper receipt in with the plastic parts?

(I live in Australia)
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Best answer: The standard would be:

Invoice/Receipt #whatnumbercanimakeupthatmakesmelookbusy
Date: 5/8/2011
From: P Bertrand,
Plastic Parts,
1 Paris Pl,
La Perouse, NSW,
2036, Australia
ABN: 12 345 678 987 * shows they have an Australian business number for tax/registration (of sorts)

To: A Business
Att: M. Cultered

For: Plastic Parts, (model eurovision sc)

Qty: 237 x $1.09 per piece

Sub Total: AUD$258.33
GST: $0.00 (exempt)
Total: $258.33

Terms strictly 30 days. Payable by: 04/09/2011
Bank transfer:
bsb 000-111
Acc# 1234 5678
Name: Plastic Parts
Ref: M. Cultured

Paid in full on 06/08/2011 via paypal/banl transfer *if paid.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies. I was looking for something more formal looking, and the fish prolly has it. I know a fancy PDF has as much validity as a handwritten note on the face of it, but my project accountant will look much happier if I have something which looks formal.

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You don't have any emails with the price?
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Response by poster: smackfu: What do you mean? We discussed the deal over IRC and then I paid by PayPal, so no email trace. I guess I could use the chatlogs as documentation…
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I assumed email rather than IRC. But isn't the Paypal invoice sufficient for your needs? Or did you not fill out what you were paying for? Accountants generally just want proof that you paid money to someone for something, and didn't just claim that you paid money but didn't.
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Next time, ask the seller to issue you a PayPal invoice and then pay that. at this juncture, the fish's email receipt is probably the most you can ask for on a completed transaction.
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Response by poster: Smackfu: Yeah, I filled out what I was buying on PayPal, and will submit a printout of that, but it seems slightly more legit if I can at least point to something which seemingly comes from the other party…

DarlingBri: I didn't think of that possibility, but will keep it in mind. Cheers.
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