help me spend my aussie dollars...
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What are some online shopping sites that ship direct to Australia. I'm wanting to take advantage of the stronger Australian dollar.

I'm particularly interested in mens clothes, shoes, accessories and computers/electronics and all things Japanese. But all suggestions received with thanks.
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Until the middle of May, is offering free Super Saver Shipping to Australia on purchases over £25.
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Book Depository. Great prices and free worldwide shipping.
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Asos for clothing, picked up a great wool pea coat for $100 NZD including shipping, they're based in the UK.
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You should be able to shop from anywhere accepting PayPal. PayPal will let you deposit in AUD and convert to any other currencies that you might need. Their rates aren't the greatest but it's relatively easy to do.
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Online bike stores in the UK and Europe are brilliant for those that like to fix their own bikes, or succumb to the upgrade disease. And they are obviously popular - many allow for all prices to be displayed in Australian dollars, without the VAT (=GST) included in the price, and have banner graphics designed specifically for Australians. Notably Wiggle's free shipping to Australia starts with orders of just ~$82 or more.
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And just remember that any item coming through Australian customs where the combined cost of the item and the shipping and any insurance will be subject to duty of 5% and GST of 10%, as well as additional fees charged by the courier companies to process the order. More details at the Australian Customs website.

So a nominally $1001 order can end up costing you a couple of hundred dollars more than a $1000 order.
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Best answer: Anthropologie. eBay. You can use the eBay domain and expand your search to include other countries. The prices and postage appear in AUD. Urban Outfitters. Threadless. Red Bubble. Etsy. Nordstrom. Boden. DealExtreme.

I've also had good success using Shipito for companies that don't post to Aus, or that charge exorbitant $50-plus rates.

There are also services like UnlockUS which help you get around sites that require US credit cards, billing addresses and IP adresses. I haven't used these, but people use them to get US iTunes and Amazon accounts with access to, for example, 99c songs instead of $1.69 here, and Kindle downloads that are only available in print here. I've only skimmed, but the billing address service seems to be shipping/forwarding similar to Shipito, the credit card is something similar to the prepaid Visa giftcards we have in Aus and the IP workaround is a software download.

For books, nthing Book Depository. But use the completely excellent Booko to check where the book you want is cheapest.
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Seconding eBay. Many sellers (myself included) are happy to ship to Australia.
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For computer/console games,
. First time I've ever seen games cheaper in Aus than in the US (as opposed to almost double the price). For example, Portal 2 : US$ 79.90 (~73.99 AUD)

Just be wary of region encoding on console games.
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