dogfood delivered in bulk?
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Should we buy dog food over the internet, or a service local in Brooklyn? And while we're at it- Innova the way to go?

We have a three year old Puggle. Her name is Apple. We live in South Brooklyn. We've been feeding her Innova from Petco, but we're thinking we might as well order it in bulk and get it delivered, either through the internet or through a local pet store. Where do you get yours and what do you feed your little monkeys?

Points for explaining why the best food is the best- the place we got her said Innova was what they all feed their pets, but MY GOD Apple's farts are made of death and doritos. We can deal with the farts of death, but If that's a sign of bad digestion I want to know about it.
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I don't know if it's a sign of bad digestion or not (perhaps biscotti will drop in and lay on the knowledge) but we get our pet food delivered from PetFlow. There is usually a deal where if you set up a shipment every x so often (we do every 2 months) you can get free shipping. Sometimes we don't need a shipment and I cancel it and there's no penalty. The best part is that we are never out of litter or cat food, and I don't have to go to two different stores.

They have a good selection of food. If you want to change from Innova, there's a good selection there.
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I buy mine from a place called Prices are good (better in some cases) and over $50 shipping is free (and fast). I have an 18 year old cat and a 14 year old dog and the vet suggested Evo when the cat got diabetes. High protein, low carb. Made all the difference in the world. Cat's diabetes vanished (as doc said it would with good hi-protein food).

Good foods: Evo, Weruva and Origen - all very highly rated - good quality, grain free. No junk fillers.

Also re: PetFoodStation - usually some sort of discount coupon on home page. Check it out and see.

Good luck! :)
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I use Natural Balance Limited Ingredient food and treats - the vet thought one of my dogs might have allergies and recommended switch to the LI food, then slowly adding other food in, and I decided it was easier to just keep him and my other pup on the LI food.

I usually get it from the Unleashed by Petco near my apartment (Manhattan), because I never remember to buy food until they're out and it's feeding time. But supporting local businesses is always a plus! If you find an independent pet supply store near you, you can usually talk to them and set up an automatic delivery service (i.e. "I spend $x per month on dog food and supplies; I will shop at your store exclusively, if you set up free delivery on the first of every month of supplies a, b, and c."). It's amazing the services that are available if you just ask.
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Innova's manufacturer Natura was recently bought out by Proctor & Gamble. If the crap Iams became after this happened to them is anything to go by, Innova will follow the downhill slide. My dogs have never done well on Innova, even though it's (historically been) a good quality food.

Being gassy is fairly typical of brachycephalic dogs, but it can also be a sign of dietary intolerance (I might try feeding something without grains, or with a single, different protein source to see if you can isolate the culprit). I feed grain-free foods (and there are many, I think Orijen is about the best there is, but there are loads of great ones out there), and many people find their dogs are less gassy when they don't eat grains. Having your pet food shipped is great, but don't buy huge quantities, it does go stale and fresher is better. I also believe in rotating foods, and don't feed any one food for long periods of time (I usually switch foods and proteins every bag or two), there is a school of thought that you can increase the risk of intolerance or allergies by feeding the same thing forever, but I also think a varied diet is healthier in general.

Great dog food info here.
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I don't know how long you might have been lurking on AskMe, but biscotti (above) and vito90 are smart people to listen to about this subject.
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The problem with asking these questions on here is that crazy, anti-grain animal people are going to crop up and suggest that you start cooking your own dog food. And really that would be ideal! (Count me among the crazies.) Apart from that--and really, cooking animal food is a hilarious pain in the butt--I'm really enjoying Weruva's foods right now. Since she's young and healthy, do some experimenting. (Though yes, diet change can sometimes result in MORE FARTING during the transition, unfortunately.)
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Another problem with the internet is that some crazy people will come up and suggest you feed your dogs barf. Our lab and beagle had crazy bad constant gas, and now it's only an issue if we run out of their normal chicken/pork and feed them lunchmeat / hot dogs until we can thaw some food.

Plus, the volume that comes out of them is much less, and never liquidy - both problems previously.
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We've been feeding our terrier-mix Taste of the Wild, and it's seemed to cut down on his flatulence quite a bit. We rotate between the Wetlands and High Prairie formulas, alternating bags. We buy ours from a local mom-and-pop pet store that used to order it for us, but now keeps it in stock.
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We order our cats’ food and litter from NYC Pet, which has six stores in Brooklyn. Same day delivery, though they do charge $5. We’ve been very satisfied.
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After much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the subject, we settled on a policy of buying fairly small bags of a variety of good quality dog (and cat) foods, and alternating. In the mornings, the dogs get a mix of kibble and wet food, then for their afternoon meal they have kibble with a small amount of something wet (mostly just to soak into the old dog's arthritis pills), then they have a small evening meal of whatever we're having for dinner.

I like the idea of cycling different foods for a couple of reasons. First, it's been my experience that dogs can develop sensitivities when their diets are too uniform. Second, I figure that gives us some leeway and a little hedging against possible deficits in the different formulations.

Also, I think they like having some variety in their diets, mostly because I do.

We're very lucky in that we have a really great little local feed store that has a carefully curated selection of high quality pet foods, so we can walk in and have a whole lot of things to choose from without having to sort out the good stuff from the meat-flavored sawdust. But being in a flyover state, I can't really speak to your local options.

Also, I've had really good luck in the past with yogurt curing a farty dog. We had a dog once who would immediately start farting if he didn't get his morning yogurt. He'd just get a couple of tablespoons with his breakfast, but it made a huge difference. He weighed 80-90 pounds, so you probably wouldn't even need that much.
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We had farty dogs on innova, but it did wonders for another friend's allergic dog. All of ours are on Wellness Simple Solutions because two of the three have delicate stomachs, and all three do amazingly well on it -- solid stools, lots of energy, excellent coat and nail health.
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See: Dog Food Analysis.

As you have just discovered, animal feeding is one of those topics like vaccination. It's like 12 posts to Godwin territory and anyone who doesn't make the same choices you do is crazy and OMG WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE PUPPIES?!?

Even Dog Food Analysis is based on a rating system that has a certain world view about what constitutes a better quality commercial feed. You can cook for your dog, feed her BARF, feed her raw, or feed her a good quality kibble. These are your choices to make and as long as your pet is healthy, has good firm stool, and your vet isn't spotting something you're not connecting to diet in her condition, you're fine.

Regardless of what you feed, yogurt is conventionally held to be helpful for gas, and was for us.
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One way to keep your local pet food service in business is to buy from them. So there's that.

I think gas is a sign that the dog doesn't do well with one of the ingredients. Innova does have the Red Meat alternative (to the Green Bag, which I guess is chicken) you could try. Or, if you used the local pet service, you might ask them what they'd suggest. Keep in mind you should switch food gradually over a couple of weeks.

And yeah, yogurt is my go-to. If that solves your problem, you may not need to worry about changing food.
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I always try to buy local, just because I want my local pet food store to stay in business.

I also have had great luck feeding my dogs (Olde English Bulldog and Ridgeback/Dane mix) Innova Adult Food. No stinky farts, no runny poops, just happy, well-fed hounds. YMMV.
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Where in South Brooklyn are you? If you're close to Love Thy Pet I'd definitely try to give them a call, they're really great and I'm sure they'd be willing to work out a deal for you.
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We feed most of our animals (7 cats, 1 dog) Orijen. Two of the cats are on urinary diets for chronic health issues. We buy the Orijen from a local pet food place because we like to support the local guys, even if it sometimes works out to be a little bit more. I wouldn't buy in bulk for one small dog because the dry food does go stale.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all the help. We'll pick through all this stuff this weekend and go from there!

Heh, we are at waaaaaayyyy south brooklyn, close to coney island.
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