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I'm going to be spending the upcoming weekend in Melbourne, and am interested in shopping for vintage and handcrafted items, as well as general wandering/people watching. Where should I go?

I'm particularly interested in homewares, small pieces of art, handbags and jewellery. Not really interested in clothes or furniture. I mostly like mid-century and later, so places don't have to be fancy: stores, markets, and even great charity shops would be enjoyed.

Two places already on my list, unless you tell me not to bother:

- Love Vintage, which happens to be on this weekend
- The Esplanade Market in St Kilda

Also, is there a good iPhone app for Melbourne public transport routes and schedules, like TripView is for Sydney? I assume there must be, but I'm not finding anything on the App Store.

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Rose st artist markets, fitzroy, ticks those boxes. For public transport search for the metlink app. Once you are in fitzroy check out Gertrude st area for more of your type of thing, I think.
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Dear Gladys in Northcote has some great vintage stuff and is a not-for-profit too.
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Camberwell markets seem designed for this request.
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The iphone app you want is PTV, and it's gone terribly shit since the last update. You'd do better to use the website at

For trams only, the TramTracker app is brilliant.
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Seconding rose st and camberwell markets. I think you'll like Chapel St Bazaar in Prahran too
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I came here to suggest Dear Gladys as well.

If you're in Northcote, take the 86 tram a few stations north to Top Hat Antiques, 873 High Street, Thornbury. I hate to give away my vintage shopping secrets, but after my last weekend haul there, I need someone else to go buy all her treasures so I won't. I know it looks like the messiest bric-a-brac out there; trust me, have a chat with the owner. She's a longtime clothing collector with a keen eye. Closed Sundays.

Nearby: The Manufactory, 810 High Street, Thornbury. Great homewares, some steampunk, but mostly just classic, beautiful things.

And if you're in the area, go have a coffee at Brother Alec, 719 High Street. Their huevos rancheros are delicious, and their coffee is great.
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seconding Chapel St Bazaar, plan for a couple of hours, it is enormous. Also Lost and Found in Collingwood and Brunswick.
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Rose St, Incub8r Smith St Collingwood and Curious Oyster Shoppe High Street Thornbury.

People in Melbourne are very smexy to look at, particularly in the Birkenstock Belt. If you have a high tolerance for hipster, definitely the usual traps of Brunswick street and High Street Northcote.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the great suggestions. Unfortunately, circumstances meant I had less time to wander than I'd hoped, but we did spend two enjoyable afternoons in Prahran and St Kilda. The TramTracker app was terrific, too.

I was particularly disappointed not to make it to Dear Gladys and OLechat's other Northcote suggestions. Next time, for sure.

Thanks again!
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