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Where can I find (free) videos of guitar legends doing their thing?

Since I started learning to play guitar last year, I have gained an appreciation for watching other guitarists play. I can get music videos in the normal places, but these usually do not focus on the instruments being played, and a lot of the type of music I am interested in doesn't really have too many videos. To give you an idea, I like most of the music that is played on "classic rock" style radio stations, and some music from the early to mid nineties. I know almost no music from the last five years, and I am not interested in artists like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani (who I feel are all show). I really enjoyed the video of Led Zeppelin playing Stairway that I found (aside from Robert Plant's tight pants), and I think concert footage is probably the best way to go. Am I expected to pay for this sort of thing?
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Here are just a couple that were previously posted on MeFi. I have some Zappa video hosted (just snippets). Email me for a URL.

Justin King

Can't remember this guys name but he is pretty amazing (I hope the link works - it's blocked at my work).
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Best answer: Am I expected to pay for this sort of thing?

Yes, if you're looking for videos of Zeppelin, Hendrix, Clapton, etc. All those guys have DVDs with tons of concert footage.
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Video of Kaki King, one of my favorites these days, can be found here. (direct wmv link)

And you CERTAINLY can't pass up this guy... Doo doo doo be doo DOO boo! (Koopas sold seperately)
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Well, depending on who you consider "great," you can download videos of Trey Anastasio playing with the rest of Phish, as well as many other bands at The Trader's Den. All available using bittorrent, all (I believe) perfectly legal.

They also have a pretty kick-ass audio section for bootlegs. Lots and lots of rarities and current shows.
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(Not just Phish, BTW)
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To further Civil_Disobedient's suggestion, I'd also reccomend & dimadozen (formerly easytree), both of which are along the same lines as the Trader's Den (live & otherwise commercially unavailable audio & video recordings).
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Are you a member @ TTD, C_D? What's your username?
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Yep, and I believe it's the same nick. I pretty much go by CD all across the web, and before that, all across the BBS's.
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