Sunscreen for sensitive skin?
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I have sensitive skin and I need a good sunscreen.

I am desperately seeking an all-natural sunscreen that won't irritate my very sensitive facial skin. I am extremely picky about ingredients, therefore I have a grudge against all department store and grocery store brands. I'm looking for something with no fragrances, no preservatives, and all that junk. I would prefer a product in which zinc oxide is the only active ingredient, but I guess titanium dioxide is okay too.

I need something with an SPF of 25 or higher to wear under my makeup. I ordered some MexiTan ( -- sorry, don't know how to link in this window), which is the best that I could find after many hours of Googling, but I am looking for other suggestions as well.
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Response by poster: Here's the link from above: MexiTan. Oh, and I can't deal with PABA either.
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Vanicream might do it for you.
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It may have more superfluous ingredients than you'd like, but I have very sensitive skin and have had success "borrowing" my daughter's Coppertone WaterBABIES sunscreen. High SPF, PABA-free, I'm nearly positive it's zinc-oxide based (the website is crap for detailed product info) and it has minimal fragrance.

Also, just heard about an SPF 50 sunscreen for the face from a french company, Eau Thermale Avene, that's been described as "lightweight" and "silky-smooth" but the website seems to be down.
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L'oreal Ombrelle. Its the only sunscreen in canada that's endorsed by the dermatological association (or whatever the dermatologists's association is called.) It's FABULOUS.

Anecdotal evidence tells me its' not available in the states, but I'm sure you could order it online.

Fabulous, i tell you.
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. They have a great selection of organic, sensitive-skin and high-SPF sunscreens available.

I have sensitive skin and have always done well with products from Benefit, and Stila but I don't know that they have anything that meets all your criteria.
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Results from previous requests.
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Response by poster: Yes, I've already looked at the previous results, but none of those work for me.
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I just read that ratings over 15 are only marginally better, even if it's 50 spf. Don't know if that improves your options or not.
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L'oreal Ombrelle contains Parsol 1789. If you're anywhere near as sensitive as I am (and it sounds like you are), that stuff will kill your face. Personally, I've yet to find anything that doesn't make me break out in a rash (Clinique City Block, which uses titanium dioxide, lastest the longest before I started to react).
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Response by poster: Hey (alice), do you really not have an e-mail address? I was going to say that I could e-mail you and let you know if the MexiTan works out for me. Might work for you also.
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Thanks, that's very thoughtful of you. You can use my first name @

I came back because I forgot the reason I was posting in the first place! Have you tried Applied Therapeutics? It uses zinc oxide, although it also contains titanium dioxide. It might work for you, but my experience was that it wasn't nearly as invisible as they claimed (left a white sheen on my medium Asian skin) and, of course, led to a rash.
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Coppertone makes an oil free sunscreen designed for the face. The gf swears by it and I enjoy it too.
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I also have very sensitive skin. I use a very light moisturizer and over it (never directly on my skin) use Nivea sun screen. It seems to be the only sunscreen that doesn't irritate my skin. Only problem is I'm not sure you can get it in the states.
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I'm very fair and am very picky about my sunscreens but I drive a convertible so I've had to find products that work for me.

I'm a long time user of NoAd sunscreens. Paba-Free, No Fragrances, No hype.

For my face and scalp I like "Sun Guard Oil-Free Ultra-Light Sunscreen SPF 20" from Jack Black.

Some of the new spray on clear sunscreens are pretty nice too. I haven't picked a brand yet but this one is nice.
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