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Can you recommend a neurologist in Baltimore for treatment of atypical migraine symptoms?

I experience occasional migraines, <2 times per year. About half the time it's an aura with no headache; the other half of the time, I experience a headache that lasts maybe an hour. The next day, I typically have the usual migraine hangover. This has happened maybe 5-6 times ever.

Last night, I experienced my typical aura and my less typical headache. However, I also had significant speech difficulty (missing words, totally mispronouncing some words) and some cognitive impairment. I also had a mild pins-and-needles sensation in one hand. Today I have my typical migraine hangover. I'm told by a reliable source (not the internet) that these are uncommon but known migraine symptoms.

Given the novelty of the weirder symptoms, I think it's time to seek a neurologist. I'd rather not go the homeopathic route, and I don't think a food diary is appropriate because of the infrequency of my migraine.

Do you see or know of a neurologist in Baltimore or the Baltimore area with experience with atypical migraine? Thank you!
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Pls check your memail.
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The Headache Center at Johns Hopkins is pretty well known and I have heard positive things from the people who have sought treatment there. They use a multidisciplinary approach with everyone from neurologists, neurosurgeons, ENTs, ob/gyn and nutrition potentially working with you to really evaluate triggers and design an individualized plan.
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