He's free now. He went back to the trees.
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My first "Whats this bug?" !

I live in southwestern VA, and found this absolutely gorgeous guy on our salon door. As you can see [by the very crappy cell phone pictures], he's about as long as my finger, orange and yellow, and very fuzzy on his head. He's not skiddish in the slightest, he hung around through me opening the door several times, people walking by, and he even let the nice schizophrenic lady pick him up when she came to rescue him to take him "back to the trees".

My google fu returns nothing when searching for orange/orange&yellow bugs. Maybe you can help!

images, images, images!
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Best answer: Looks like a Regal Moth
posted by vacapinta at 6:35 AM on July 7, 2011

Best answer: He appears to be a orange regal moth of some kind
posted by AzraelBrown at 6:37 AM on July 7, 2011

The What's That Bug blog just had an entry about Royal Walnut Moths
posted by slow graffiti at 7:54 AM on July 7, 2011

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