Help me find a great neurologist.
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Can you please recommend a great neurologist in the New Haven County (Connecticut) area?

I need to see a neurologist for a follow-up after an MRI. I really want someone who is whip smart and will pay close attention to me. Having a nice/friendly/warm bedside manner is important, too, but not imperative since I know neurologists aren't known for their cuddliness. Yale affiliation is a plus.

It's my noggin, so, it's pretty important.
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It might help narrow it down if you gave the reason for the MRI (headache, seizure, possible MS diagnosis, etc).
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Response by poster: Good point, availablelight-- migraine. Got an MRI on the recommendation of my internist and there is something they want to follow up on that the radiologist who interpreted the MRI thinks might be related to my migraines. Nothing incredibly urgent, but something they wanted me to look into. That said, this doc doesn't need to be a migraine specialist. Any kickass neurologist will do.
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