Facebook Comments confuse me. Help.
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Is it possible to unify comments across my Facebook page and blog?

I run several client websites, each has its own Facebook page which receives lots of comments on each wall post. However the client's website barely receives any.

Is there a way to unify the threads? I've tried using Facebook Comments, but it seems to only unify threads after someone comments on them. Meaning, if the client posts the blog post to its Facebook page, Facebook will still create two different threads. This makes sense for privacy reasons, but I can't figure out a way to circumvent this.

I hypothesized that if the page commented on the blog post, it would unify the thread, however Facebook does not allow pages to comment on posts.

The blog runs on Wordpress, if it matters.
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There is a plugin for Wordpress called Wordbooker that can unify them going forward, but I don't think you can do anything about existing posts. I've used it and it does work.
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