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There's a lot of punk songs about dad. Is there any about being a dad?
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Maybe Beat on the Brat by the Ramones (depending on your interpretation).
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Allow me to direct you to Punks Not Dad, who are a comedy-punk outfit like the even more antiquitous Toy Dolls, but who might fit the bill anyway. They've got a song called "Fathers Day" and another called "We Are The Dads", and probably a couple more.
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Depending on how broad your definition of "punk" is: Squeeze's Up the Junction deals with a young couple who have a baby.
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Can't think of anything offhand, but there is a new documentary about punk dads out, The Other F Word. Might be something on the soundtrack?
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Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs, Hammel on Trial.
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There's the Circle Jerks' Golden Shower of Hits song tracking a relationship from first love through to divorce, with a baby along the way.

Flipper's Sex Bomb Baby album has a really cute baby on the cover, but I can't remember if any of the songs are about babies or fatherhood.
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Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen talks about having a child, but only in the context of naming that child "Minnie Pearl."
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Fifteen has several songs about being a dad, including Vanessa, Child, and Grace. Sorry for no links.
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Not Punk, but Loudon Wainwright III has a song called Being a Dad.
He also has several songs about his children, Rufus and Martha, that relate to being their father.
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Does this Bouncing Souls line count?
"I like your mom and
It's no fad
I want to marry her and
Be your dad"

Didn't think so.
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Depending how you define punk (e.g. ska-punk): "She's Trying" (lyrics) by Dance Hall Crashers?
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Maybe not exactly what you are (were) looking for, but . . .
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"Raise a Family" by Lagwagon
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In Hope by boysetsfire, while more emocore than punk, is a narrative of a new dad's thoughts looking at his kid: "In hope, you will never look back and hate these days that I held your hand..."
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