Not your grandma's Schumann records: give me piano bands that will rock my face off.
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I'm looking for piano-based rock bands that rock really, really hard.

I've seen this question, but I'm specifically looking for bands - not songs - that are led by a badass, hard-rocking pianist, like the Led Zeppelin of piano rock.

I love Ben Folds, Fiona Apple, Brad Mehldau...and suggestions in this genre are certainly welcome as well, but I'd love to find bands leaning more towards punk, heavy metal, hip-hop, or any hard-rocking, unconventional bands that are piano driven.

Bring me audio ecstasy, hive mind.
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Jukebox the Ghost. See them live. You'll thank me.
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Man Man is pretty much exactly what you're looking for.

A close friend of mine described them as "really dirty Randy Newman".
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Something Corporate is piano based pop-punk.
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I'm not sure that it's entirely accurate to describe The Hold Steady as "piano-driven", but many of their songs feature prominent piano parts, and they're capable of rocking very hard. Try Stuck Between Stations on for size.
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Try Pistolita. They don't rock that hard but I remember liking the piano.
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you're looking for Andrew W.K.
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The Dresden Dolls will rock your face off six ways from Sunday.

Amanda Palmer's solo album was actually produced by Ben Folds, so it's other-piano-rocker-approved.
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Various periods of Savatage are piano-centric if you want piano-metal. Their discography is rather hit-and-miss, though. I'd recommend Gutter Ballet. (link is to the title track)

Also, a lot of Savatage are the core for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, who have lots of Christmas themed piano-rock. With the holidays drawing near, it's as good a time as any to get into them. Their album "Beethoven's Last Night" is the same gimmick without the Christmas theme.
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Muse have their moments. Try "Space Dementia" or "Butterflies and Hurricanes."
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The Dresden Dolls

Yeah, I can't believe I forgot them. Try their first album (self-titled).
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lady gaga's solo live performances
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oh, and i assume since you mention ben folds and fiona apple, you're well aware of tori amos, but, i'd put boys for pele on the list of mostly rocking your face off. she did a bunch of hallucinogens, destroyed a harpsichord, and recorded an album. it's very different from the first 2 albums, and not as far out and esoteric as the later albums.
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It's not self promotion if you're not promoting yourself, right?

My friends' band - Naked Empire - features piano and rockage prominently.

They are going through a line-up change, so their myspace has some not so great quality live recordings. Their Bandcamp site has their albums with their old lead singer. Enjoy!
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Jerry Lee Lewis - Live at the Star Club, Hamburg
I don't think piano can get much more badass than this.
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Some of my favs where piano features:

Regina Spektor
Tom Waits

Not sure any of these will rock your face off, but Doves might come close on occasion. Coldplay have a lot of piano driven tunes too.
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Not quite piano-driven, but it was a core component for the Murder City Devils. Damn they put on a great live show.
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The Bad Plus is an awesome piano based jazz-rock fusion band.
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Seconding Muse, but for their first album, Showbiz.
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You will love Dan Bryk. (full disclosure: DB is a pal, and I play a bit on his most recent record. Caveat emptor.)

Howsabout Suddenly, Tammy! - BF5 totally owe them a drink...

Koufax's Social Life record?
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Pipes You See Pipes You Don't is a great band. In general, they may not be as hard-rockin' as you're looking for, but they definitely have their intense moments.
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Check out John Cale's Fragments of a Rainy Season.
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MAN MAN! Hell yeah!

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I've recced my favorite band at least once on MF, but "hard-rocking piano bands" is a hook I can't resist. KRISTEENYOUNG. They even cover Zeppelin (I won't vouch for audibility of piano on this clip, but you can get the idea).
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theraflu: There's only one song with piano ("Sunburn") on the entire Showbiz album, two if you count the organs on "Hate This And I'll Love You." Great stuff, but not really piano-driven. Absolution is the Muse album to go for in terms of piano ratio, then Origin of Symmetry.
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Not super-rocking but Keane's Hopes and Fears had a lot of piano in it.
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Seconding Man Man and Murder City Devils but the band that immediately came to mind for me was Pleasure Forever (formerly Slaves.) Very piano driven, but kick ass.
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