Help with Microsoft Word 2007 Space Formatting
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Help with default space formatting on Microsoft Office 2007.

Greetings, for the past several years, I have been using Microsoft Word 2003 for my work laptop. This past week, they gave me a new one which has the newer version of Microsoft Office 2007 on it.

I am managing to get through it fine enough, but one of the biggest things I notice is the default space formatting. It appears to be double spaced or something? I would prefer not to have this.

I have figured out how to convert it back AFTER I have typed my documents (Change Styles - Style Set - and select Word 2003), but is there anyway that I can set it so that the Word 2003 is the default setting? I would prefer not to have to format this after every document.

Can someone provide some assistance? Thanks!
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Best answer: Right-click on the "Normal" style on the Home tab. You can then select "Modify" and change the normal style to whatever you want.
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They way it used to work is that after you made the various changes, you would have to save the open (blank) doc as your file. Valkyryn's answer might do this automatically, but if it doesn't retain the settings, try that.

(And also, if you jack up the settings, you can delete the file and relaunch Word and it will get recreated back to the standard format.)
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You can also click "Change Styles" on the Home tab, then select "Style Set," then "Word 2003." To keep this as your default, go back to "Change Styles" and select "Set as Default."
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Been looking for this myself, and Valkyryn seems to have it.

But re gjc, I never could find where the file is stored. Seems like older versions, if you "saved as file type", would put you there automatically for a .dot. But 2007 wants to save a .dot to MyDocs -- big help. Where is the
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