$0 recording studio
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Help me construct a computer-based hip-hop production studio for $0.

I teach music at a high school, and one of my students asked me for help in getting started making beats and recording vocals over them. He has an old Dell and no money.

What software would you recommend for him? (I'm asking for recommendations because yes I could just do a Google search, but 90% of that stuff is junk/clunky/gateways to malware, etc.)

I'm looking for free-to-use and CPU-light.

Off the top of my head:
* Reaper
* A link to KvrAudio
* Audacity
* ASIO4all?

What else? What have you found to be free and helpful? (I already gave him a pep talk on how creativity is more important than gear...)
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Best answer: Check out the1shanti's Open Source Hip-Hop.
posted by Marquis at 8:28 PM on May 21, 2011

Best answer: Check out Ubuntu Studio.
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Heh..the first link on the Open Source Hip-Hop link is to Ubuntu Studio :) That's validation!
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Best answer: REAPER doesn't nag you but it isn't actually free. I don't think you should sign off on him using the demo forever; he can learn how to warez stuff on his own.

MODPlug Tracker

(I had so much fun using trackers to make music on my lowly Amiga 500 in the 90s--maybe I'm a freak but I think it's a very intuitive way to think about beatmaking and I'm surprised they seem to have been forgotten in favor of Maschine et al.)
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Best answer: Reaper etc are good, but not the easiest to get into. What about Acid Xpress for now, then he can graduate to the other ones.
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If you download some prepared 'loops' rather than random samples they will be easy to work with.
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Best answer: LMMS is the freeware version of Fruity Loops. Very simple and intuitive.
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I'm going to second windbox's suggestion of LMMS above. I just played with it and it's a LOT more stable, clean and usable compared to the last time I tried it over a year ago (though it still completely bombs out when trying to import flp files).
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Response by poster: Wow, *awesome* - many great resources here I had no idea about! Thanks all (and keep 'em coming if you've got more! :)
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One way to get a taste of creating drum loops without having to install anything is Aviary's Online Music Creator. It's a little slow at times (also, never ever right click on the page!), but it will give an idea of how to visualize rhythms in a way similar to a drum machine. You can upload samples, and export the loops you've created to mp3.
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Isn't there a free version of Fruity Loops? It's a basic program that many new producers get started on these days. It's been used on some commercial stuff, I believe.
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Substars' mention of Trackers reminded me of the awesome free Buzz!
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