What are some really great music tutorial websites?
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What are some really great "learn by example" music tutorial websites?

Somebody gave me a ukulele and I have been having a great time with tutorial sites like Aldrine Guerrero's "Ukulele Underground", Jim Rosokoff's "Doctor Ukulele", and the songs of "Ukulele Mike" (Michael Lynch). They are free, informative and entertaining enough (I think) to appeal even to people who are not studying to play. So what are the great sites out there for people studying other instruments? I'm thinking, in particular, of ones where somebody includes audio or video of them playing or singing.
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Sounds like you're looking for Walt Ribeiro... If his examples don't get you his enthusiasm will. His site is waltribeiro.net which links to his youtube channel etc. Enjoy :)
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Justin Guitar
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Here's the best one I know of.
It's by a jazz trumpet player, but there are ear training exercises you can do and comparisons to whistling, gerneral beanplating, &c. He also records lots of different attempts and what he was trying for.
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Second for justinguitar.com
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