Ever bought a mic flag?
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How to buy a mic flag: The first week of June I will be attending a meetup via my favorite tech podcaster and I want to gift him with a microphone flag for his Shure SM58 since he records his podcast LIVE every week.

His podcast logo is simple. Black background and white lettering of his podcast. I plan to purchase a blank black mic flag since I can get the logo applied either myself or via a local business.

What company (website) would you recommend?
Is the Shure SM58 a standard mic size or does it need a special size flag?
During the live show the mic is on an arm, so that should be considered.

Looking for any advice that will make me confident in this purchase.
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Any of the usually production audio shops will have them, most should have an assortment. The SM58 is probably the most common mic in the world, and most mic flags will work on just about any mic.

I usually go to TrewAudio, GothamSound, CoffeySound or B&H.
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@jjb Thank you for that confirmation on fitting the mic flag.
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If you happen to be in Los Angeles, Location Sound in N. Hollywood has a whole bunch of mic flags on clearance.
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