Booze and baked goods, what more could you want?
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I'm planning a 'cupcakes and cocktails' party next weekend, and I could use some assistance in figuring out what drinks to have on hand that won't clash horribly with what I'm serving.

My tentative menu so far:

- carrot cupcakes with a cream cheese filling
- peanut butter brownie cups
- White Russian cupcakes
- orange cupcakes with a vanilla cream icing

The first two have been specifically requested by a couple of the attendees, but the others are negotiable if you might know of a drink/dessert pairing that would go especially well together.

In addition, a friend is bringing either cosmopolitan or margarita flavored cupcakes.

In keeping with the theme, I have a couple of bottles of wine from Cupcake Vineyards (one red, one white) and I also plan on making sangria. (Yes, I'm more of a wine kind of girl than anything, can you tell?)

What other mixed drinks makings can I have on hand? I assume no one's going to want to drink a White Russian while eating one too...
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Sparkling wine? The cheap, sweet pink stuff.
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Why wouldn't you want to drink a White Russian?
Orange soda and vanilla vodka have the 'dreamcicle' taste.
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Best answer: How good for cash are you? All the cocktail ingredients I'm thinking of are an arm and a leg, but they'll go down a treat with a cupcake sidecar:
- Chambord
- Baileys
- Godiva (White) Chocolate Liqueur(s)
- Various infusions of vodka
- Kahlua
- Starbucks liquor

Anyway get some Makers Mark and mix up some Manhattans heavy on the cherries and the grenadine. Lots of coffee cocktails work with desserts, so brew a pot and throw a shot of pretty much anything in there.

Top with whipped cream.
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Kir Royales? Although if it were me eating cupcakes and drinking, I'd probably like just a simple prosecco-- light, cold, and not overly sweet.
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I'd buy a few bottles of decent Prosecco; there's never enough at those type of get-togethers. Also, depending on your budget, a good VSOP cognac might be appropriate. Have sparkling water on hand for those who prefer brandy and soda.

I would entirely skip any sweet (sangria) or filling (white Russian) drinks, that'd be overwhelming.
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The After Eight comes to mind. Bailey's, crème de cacao and crème de menthe.

Or for something a bit more feisty, how about some absinthe? Guaranteed to be a memorable party.
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Best answer: Not exactly the recommendation you're asking for, but Chocolate Whiskey and Beer Cupcakes proved to be awesome, as well as easy to make.
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Best answer: The champagne suggestions sound like a good idea. In fact a classic champagne cocktail only requires a Angostura bitters-soaked sugar cube and some champagne. And if you wanted to provide more options, you can expand on the champagne cocktails with variations like the French 75, Kir Royale, Bellini or Death in the Afternoon.

If your friend is bringing the other more cocktail-based cupcakes, it could be fun to add a little "EAT IT OR DRINK IT" battle of the food and drink type segment to the party and square off the White Russian cocktail with the cupcake and the margarita with its cupcake. A classic (not made with a mix) margarita is very tasty and not hard (tequila, *fresh* lime juice, Cointreau, and simple syrup depending on the recipe). Same with the Cosmo if that's the cupcake that ends up making an apperance.
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Best answer: I want to heartily second what oinopaponton and halogen said... if I were eating lots of cupcakes, the last thing I'd want with them were very sweet cocktails. It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

But bubbly would be lovely. A champagne bar with a selection of garnishes (raspberries, halved strawberries, lemon and orange peel) and floats (Chambord, pomegranate, pear liqueur, Navan) would go nicely and present very well.

What about clever pairings? The "Elvis" -- a banana cupcake with peanut butter cream frosting topped with candied bacon? I think that should go with whiskey. maybe skip the barbiturates

The "Spring Break" course? A frozen margarita paired with your orange cupcake (the orange and lime should complement nicely)... and put a paper umbrella in the frosting.

"Sinfandel": a dark chocolate cupcake with choco ganache paired with a fruit-bomb red zin.

"Hawaii 5-0": a pineapple cake with coconut frosting, served with (natch) a Blue Hawaii.

"Sweet/Tart": a strawberry-lemon cupcake with a Lemon Drop.

"Kentucky Derby" -- a chocolate-walnut cupcake in the Derby Pie tradition, along with (natch) a mint julep.

"Sakura" -- a cherry-almond cupcake served with a sparkling sake like Zipang (which World Market often carries).

Man. Now I really want cupcakes and cocktails.
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If you think a White Russian sounds like too much, how about a Black Russian?
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Best answer: There's a shop in NYC that does cupcake and wine/beer pairings. You can get ideas from their menu.
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I just returned from dinner at a local restaurant that specializes in alcoholic milkshakes. This weekend's special milkshake is chocolate cupcakes (made with stout), mixed up in a milkshake, with beer. Which sounds bizarre but was, I swear, absolutely delicious.

I offer this suggestion in case by some chance you want to try combining your booze and cupcakes into one item, for those who might prefer beer to cocktails.
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Woodchuck hard cider! The Granny Smith is nice and snappy and not too sweet. I've only ever seen it come in six-packs. Somewhat along the same lines as prosecco, which is a strong second, IMO
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Mojitos with coconut cupcakes?
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Ah, I love the champagne bar idea! Champagne goes well with a variety of fruits and juices, or straight is great, too. Also, Trader Joe's has inexpensive ($5.99) almond flavored prosecco that is really good. I'd enjoy that with a cupcake.
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Best answer: If I were eating cupcakes I'd want a milky, not-too-sweet drink with them. Like an Irish Cream, Kahlua, Godiva, Tia Maria- based drink. Or how about a selection of boozy coffees?
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Best answer: I think you might consider a dark chocolate cupcake. I like dark chocolate with red wine, porter/stout (if you have anyone interested in beer), and especially scotch. Or a dark chocolate cupcake with kahlua and milk (is that a white Russian or does it have to have vodka, too?), or with baileys on ice or baileys-in-coffee.

swoon, thunk.

And I would drink a white Russian with a white Russian cupcake.

Prosecco might be nice, too, with the carrot and orange cupcakes. I think white sangria would be nice in that capacity, too, if you make both types of sangria.
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Best answer: Seconding the Whiskey Beer Cupcake recipe ringu0 posted! Those are very delicious.

You might want to consider having some non-sweet options to balance out all the alcohol and sweets. I'm saying this because of the Easter I "fell asleep" on the patio after eating a pile of cream puffs and drinking mimosas. I think all the sugar made me really drunk, really fast.

Maybe meatloaf cupcakes?
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Another vote for Prosecco.
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Response by poster: Looks like I'm going to the liquor store armed with a list - which is exactly what I was hoping for. I'll definitely pick up some Prosecco, and I'll try to find someone with a coffee maker and ask them to bring it, as I have three teapots but not a single one for coffee. Thanks so much everyone!
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