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Yet another Halloween question... What are your favorite drink/cocktail recipes with a Halloween "twist"?

I'm throwing a Halloween party. I have a few ideas for cocktails:
Dracula's Kiss
Black Martini
Mad Eye Martini
Frog in a Blender
Scary Screwdriver
Bloody Brain
Brain Hemorrhage
Actually there are a lot at

But I'd like some more. Any ideas? Extra credit will be given for drinks that are scary, black or gross/weird looking. Oh... I have a bottle of Blavod, but I'd be willing to purchase almost any booze for the shindig. Thanks!!!
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This is a lot like your Dracula's Kiss, but here you go:

Vampire Killer Martini

splash of dry vermouth
3 oz vodka
1 oz creme de cassis

Shake and strain

Creme de Cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur. You can also use it to make a Kir Royale, which is champagne and creme de cassis.
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Best answer: I call this one the "alien autopsy."

Midori, vodka, heavy cream, eyedropper.

Mix midori and vodka 1:4 (or thereabouts). Pour into glass. Stick an eyedropper full of heavy cream halfway in. Squirt out a few little globules of cream, which will extend tendrils and look altogether Hallowonderful.

Double bonus if you drop a green glowstick into a bottle or pitcher of the midori and vodka.
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if you have a punchbowl with dry ice in it, you'll get a creepy effect from the co2 coming off the top of the bowl.
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Salmiakkikossu is black, and most people will find it gross!

I love it so much
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Best answer: Here's a cocktail that my roommate invented one night. It was so creepy-looking that we named it Springtime in Chernobyl.

- pink lemonade
- ginger-infused vodka
- Midori

(The pink of the lemonade and the green of the midori are what give it that amazing color. Eeew. Serve with gummy worms.)
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Another punchbowl tweak: Fill latex gloves (the non-dusty kind) with water , put 'em in the freezer. Once frozen, peel off the latex, and you have ice in the shape of disembodied hands. Plunk 'em in the bowl instead of the boring old cubed ice.
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Best answer: There's a wonderful classic cocktail called a 'corpse reviver #2.' Seriously.
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I enjoy serving a "blood bar" where people can have blood of Mary, Blood of a Virgin, Spicy Blood, etc. All the fixin's of Bloody Marys with some different sauces, spices, garnishes, etc.
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Response by poster: Wow! Some good ones here. I can't believe I forgot blood marys! Although a "bar" is a good idea, I don't have that much space. But I will be updating my recipe list. Thanks, gang!
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Best answer: That annoying blond lady on the Food Network with the big boobs and tiny body, Sandra Lee, has tons of cocktail ideas. She makes a cutesy cocktail in every episode. Girlfriend loves her booze.

Black Widow Cocktail
Vampire Kiss (she drops fake vampire teeth into the glasses for this one)
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Response by poster: "Dracula's Kiss" and "Vampire's Kiss" are two very different drinks! And what's that stuff on the rim of the glass?
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