High School Graduation Cards in Japanese?
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I have a niece graduating from high school in June who after years of study is fluent in Japanese. I'd like to send her a congratulatory card (with appropriate negotiable supplementation) that's written in Japanese. Can anyone point me to an on-line resource for such a card? Also, could anyone tell me if there are any traditional Japanese graduation gifts (similar to what a pen and pencil set would be in the USA)? Thanks in advance.
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Hallmark stores (as well as their website) routinely carry cards in various languages, and generally during holidays/seasons (graduation time being one of them) they have cards in those languages/
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Graduation gift: Kit-kat candy bars. It's linked to taking university entrance exams, as described in the linked post. Bonus - Japan has awesome weird kit-kat flavors! You can order some of them online, like this one. The flavor is just dark chocolate, but it is delicious with a weird name that translates as Adult Sweetness. Who could say no to that? I un-recommend most of the fruit flavors, but sakura, potato, soy sauce, cookies and cream, salted caramel, are some of my favorites.

Phrase: I'd just leave it at おめでとう! Surely someone more eloquent than me will come along, but it just means congratulations.
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