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There is only one cocktail that I really, really like. I discovered it by chance at my favorite restaurant, since sadly closed down. I can get people to make it for me but it seems like I always have to explain the recipe three times and I feel there must be a name for it. Unfortunately, I have drawn a blank when visiting cocktail websites. Please help me ID this drink!

The recipe itself is simple. I am not sure about the optimal quantities, and plan to grab the ingredients and experiment at some point, but in the meantime I would just like to be able to order the damn drink and will tolerate flavor variations.

Vodka - plain
Triple Sec
Elderflower Cordial - I like St. Germain but I gather Ikea has a nice one too
Lime Juice

Mixing and serving
As far as I know, the mixing just consists of equal parts of the first three shaken with ice, which is then drained into a Martini glass and topped up with lime juice. No frosted rims or any of that, no garnish required, although I will enjoy and later eat sections or slices of lime whenever a bartender sees fit to add one.

I've had various substitutes and near-misses, which have been interesting, but this combination is one the only one I really enjoy.
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Best answer: Close to a kamikazee
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Best answer: Vodka, Triple Sec, & lime is a basic Kamikaze shot, so this might be an Elderflower Kamikaze, or a Kamikaze plus Elderflower, or something. I doubt it has a name that anyone will know.
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The Mandala Lounge in San Mateo serves something very similar called the Asian Pear.
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Response by poster: I think 'kamikaze with elderflower' is short enough to be comprehensible to any bartender on the first try - thanks! BTW, is exactly the sort of site I was looking for and having no success fin finding, but (on Chrome under Windows 7) clicking on the 'go' button never fetches any actual results. I don't know if this is a browser issue or because the site is new, but I did appreciate the ability to specify my ingredient pool instead of just one ingredient as on most cocktail sites.
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Try adding ingredients to "in my bar" on the left side.
If you replace Triple Sec with cranberry juice, it could be Elderflower Cosmopolitan.
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Response by poster: I did that, but but every time I click the 'go' button the 'find cocktails...' text entry field just lfashes briefly and no update occurs. Google Chrome 17.0.963.46 m, if that helps.
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There is also Drinkstudio.
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I'd definitely order this as "Can I get a Kamikaze with an added shot of St. Germain?" Not that there aren't other options for the cordial, but St. Germain specifically isn't unheard of for a bar to stock.
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Actually, ordering a kamikaze will get you a shot, which is not what you want. I think asking for "a cosmo, but with St. Germain instead of cranberry" will get you closer to what you want.
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You'll have to enter something in the field to search by name, if you haven't been doing that. Otherwise, click on the "i can mix" tab to get a list of drinks matching your ingredients.
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This cocktail menu has something called an "elderflower cosmopolitan," which is your ingredients plus a splash of cranberry juice?
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I've also found "White Cosmo" on this menu: St. Germaine, triple sec, vodka, fresh lemon juice, white grape juice.
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There is also "Elderflower Margarita", but with tequila instead of vodka.
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It might be worth looking through the cocktail list on the St Germain site. It's worth noting that St Germain is an actual liqueur, while the Ikea elderflower syrup you mention is non-alcoholic.
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It's not a standard drink, but it's a comprehensible cocktail to anyone who makes cocktails.

An understandable variation on a kamikaze would be "kamikaze with raspberry Stoli." Same proportions, same ingredients, minor substitution. There's nothing kamikaze-like about adding a measure of St. Germain, and you're talking about different proportions.

I think the most simple way to do this is this: "I had this cocktail once that I loved, and it's pretty simple. Equal measures of vodka, triple sec, St. Germain, shaken, squeeze of lime, cocktail glass. (Definitely say St. Germain instead of elderflower liqueur.)

There's no quick way to order this is a crowded, noisy bar where almost everyone is getting very, very standard drinks.
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Response by poster: "a cosmo, but with St. Germain instead of cranberry"

Explaining the difference always ends up being more confusing than simply mentioning the recipe. Luckily, most bartenders are familiar with St Germain and have it in stock, so if I'm patient I usually get to enjoy a nice drink at the end. Naturally, I urge everyone to start ordering this delicious beverage so that it gains widespread popularity :-)

It might be worth looking through the cocktail list on the St Germain site.

Yeah, I started there and I was rather surprised not to find it. Oh well - all I can say is writer your congressperson and demand this drink be given its own public holiday.
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