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What are your favorite fashion blogs for inspiration?

I'm looking for fashion blogs that show "real" clothes on "real" people. I'm looking for affordable clothes (JCrew, Anthropologie, major department stores, Target etc.) that are shown on average body shapes. I know these blogs are out there that show "Outfit of the Day" and such but I can't seem to find many. I know of YouLookFab.com and BudgetBabe.com. I know of The Sartorialist. It's great but I'm looking for more suburban style rather than city chic. Sad but true.

Also, if you know of any YouTube channels that are fashion and clothes oriented, that show outfits of the day or similar, I would love to know about these, too.

I am 38, so no blogs that focus solely on super young fashion (super short skirts, too trendy), please. Thanks so much.
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Best answer: It's not really a blog, but have you looked through Bill Cunningham's "On the Street" posts/videos on the NYT website. He is a bit of the master of exactly the sort of thing the Sartorialist does.
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Best answer: Girliest Boy Mom and Little Girl Big Closet wear pretty much 100% Anthropologie. Alterations Needed features a lot of Anne Klein and JCrew- she's unusually-sized so the sales links she posts probably won't apply, but her style might float your boat. And Already Pretty straddles the sartorial line between suburb and city (she wears very bright colours but lots of comfy, classic silhouettes), plus she writes lots of friendly, positive articles.
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Best answer: You may want to take a look at Wardrobe Oxygen. Sounds close to what you've described.
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Best answer: Oh, I almost forgot- Academichic has great outfits that are both stylish & classic. 2/3 of its bloggers are currently preggers, but the archives have lots of great non-maternity outfits, plus interesting, very analytical posts about colour, proportion, and so on.
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Best answer: Elsewhere on the Green someone asked this, and someone else suggested Kendi Everyday. From there, I also found Wrinkled Dollar and By Hillary.
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Best answer: The wardrobe_remix pool on Flickr is very active and features people of all ages/sizes/income levels. If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the latest posts.
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Best answer: Fab Finds Under $50 has almost daily entries and just about everything she wears costs less than $50.

Sal at Already Pretty has a very colorful style and sports outfits I could never wear, but she's so great anyway.
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Best answer: I'll second Wardrobe Oxygen.

I also like 9 to 5 Chic and I'm Clothed Much.
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Best answer: Not really a blog but neat put together inspiration--- http://www.polyvore.com/">Polyvore

it was a great help for Steampunk inspiration for Dragon*Con
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Best answer: Sometimes I look at Refashion Co-op for lulz because some of the stuff is kinda bad, but, much is not bad, and it is thirtysomething-friendly, and good for 'Hey, I shouldn't throw out my XYZ -- I'll get it taken in instead' inspirations.
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Best answer: Seconding Sal of Already Pretty. Her style is not my style, but that doesn't matter. She's awesome and she writes great articles. She also frequently links to other style bloggers that are interesting.
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Best answer: I like Atlantic-Pacific largely because she's got great poses ( some people have good taste, but their photos kill the looks.) Her clothes might be a bit more fashion-forward than suburban.
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Best answer: Nthing Already Pretty, Academichic, Kendi Everyday, and Wardrobe Remix. What Would a Nerd Wear might be up your alley, and while My Edit and Fashion for Nerds are perhaps out of your style zone, they have great tips about shopping, how to know what looks good on your body, how to assmble outfits, etc.
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Best answer: Only reason I ever heard of her is because she lives nearby, but Tavi Gevenson gets invited to all the Paris shows etc.
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Best answer: Here's one: http://clothesiwantedtobuytoday.blogspot.com/

Disclaimer: I know the blogger personally
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Response by poster: Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all of the suggestions -- even the non-blog ones, they are fun. Thanks again!
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Best answer: The Daybook is another blog along the lines of Kendi Everyday and My Edit, as well.
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Best answer: Hel Looks is a street style blog from Helsinki. It documents individual, unique looks and styles. Previously. I found it on Metafilter and try to visit once in a while; it always has something interesting.
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