Seeking women's summer fashion role models
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I need summer fashion role models.

So summer is upon us again. Along with my self-consciousness about dressing for hot weather while still looking at least moderately fashionable.

Summer clothes are always hard for me because I am (and always have been) a size Average American (anywhere from a 10-14, 5'4") and it's hard for me to find clothes that feel fashionable, somewhat comfortable, weather-appropriate (i.e. no weird fabrics) and not skimpy. I feel really self-conscious in a way that I don't when wearing clothes during the rest of the year. Unfortunately, I feel like my only alternatives to skimpy, cute summer things are full-on frumpy clothes, which I also hate, because I love fashion.

I am looking for some inspiration for average/plus-sized women who wear summer clothes with style and look great. I need ideas for outfits as well as a general confidence boost that I can look good, fashionable and summery even though I'm not tall and willowy.

I'm probably looking for blogs like Already Pretty and Gabifresh, though I'm open to anything that will show pictures of women in cute summer clothes. My only requirement is that it show women around a size 10 and up (I have no problem finding outfit ideas that look cute on women who are smaller). Bonus if they also list where they bought the clothes they're wearing. Double bonus if said clothes are from places that are widely accessible and affordable (e.g. H&M or Gap).
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Best answer: Kendi Everyday
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Have you done any people-watching in your area yet this season? I saw so many beautiful "average" women today in dresses that looked like they could be from Modcloth, maybe? There are pictures of customers of a range of sizes wearing the clothes on the site, if you click through to the more popular dresses. (Can't speak to the quality of the material, as I haven't bought from there (yet) myself, sorry.)
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Best answer: Ugh, summer. I feel your pain. Have you ever read Franish?
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If you search 'plus size summer' in Pinterest a lot of stuff comes up. One staple seems to be long, loose, flowy skirts or dresses nipped at the waist.
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Best answer: My Personal Faves:

Lydia from Style is Style

Rosariummmm (she's more active on tumblr & insta; lives in Las Vegas, so lots of warm weather outfits)

Chelsea of Chelsea is Working on It

Ragini Nag Rao of A Curious Fancy

Marie of Agent Lover (doesn't update much anymore, but lives in California so lots of warmer weather inspo in the archives)

Michelle of Creature Type
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Best answer: Wardrobe Oxygen might work for you - here are a few summery outfits.
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Oh me! I'm a fat American and my Instagram link is in my profile. I have a Gwynnie Bee membership, which I recommend for trying new things that you may not be totally sold on. I am also addicted to Ross, if you have one of those in your area. Memail me if you wanna talk fashion!
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Best answer: Check out Trashy Diva's Pinterest board, where you can see women of all shapes and sizes looking amazing in the brand's line of vintage-inspired fashion. Almost all the clothes are suited to summer weather, as they're designed for the warmer climate of New Orleans.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! These are GREAT suggestions and exactly what I'm looking for! I've marked as best answer ones I could either follow or add to my various newsfeeds, but all the answers are great - thanks again!
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