Maternity Glam?
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I have a niece who is skinny and very cool-looking in a glam, rock 'n roll way (for example, she was the David Bowie in an all-girl David Bowie tribute band). She loves to wear clothing from Patricia Field. Now she's pregnant. What brands of maternity clothes would keep up the hotness aspect as she grows larger? Stores in New York City and/or websites would work best for me.
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This is super sweet of you! Not everything there is exactly what you describe your niece's style as being (it's a big resource rather than tightly curated), but as a pregnant woman who wanted something more interesting and cool than the standard, ASOS Maternity has been the best thing I've found.
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You might peek around the sponsors on Offbeat Mama.
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Try Betsey Johnson stores. While they aren't necessarily maternity she will probably find some great outfits for a baby bump.
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A friend of mine wore lots of these leggings through most of her pregnancy. She just rolled them under as she got larger.
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I loved the Japanese Weekend pieces I had during my pregnancies. Very slinky and as chic and sexy as maternity clothes generally get.
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Japanese Weekend (good brand) dress - stalk ebay and you'll get some great deals.
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The most stylish pregnant woman I know bought leggings and tops from Polarn O. Pyret.
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Ooh, cute, pinky!
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Response by poster: Three months after I asked this question, here's a result of the great answers here ---

My niece is on the left! Punk Icon on the right.
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