I like spicy fish soup. But nobody will be there to make it for me.
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I want a crockpot recipe I can make overnight that tastes like Bahama Breeze's "Bahamian Seafood Chowder"

Tomorrow morning I have to pack a lunch. I was just thinking - it would be awesome if I could put some stuff in my crockpot go to sleep, wake up in the morning, put the contents in a thermos, and have something like Bahama Breeze's "Bahamian Seafood Chowder". Do you know a recipe like that?

It actually needn't include that much seafood, since I'd prefer it be easy and I'm actually not a huge seafood fan ("So why are you asking this question Vorteks?", I know I know). I definitely don't plan on frying shrimp separately or shelling lobsters or anything. Salmon, or haddock, or some other high-protein fish would be fine. But I love that spicy creamy broth and would like to combine that flavor with a high-protein seafood.

Is this do-able? If you could recommend something similar to what I'm thinking of I'd be much obliged.

Thanks Mefites!
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The thing is, you don't want to cook seafood that long. Or much else besides red meat for that matter. Most seafood recipes direct you to add the fish or shrimp or crab or scallops at the very end. Sorry, no time to find a recipe for you. But this is important.
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You can try a recipe like this:

or this:

for the crockpot, on low, not including the seafood (LonnieK is right). And then when you get up in the morning, dish some in a container to take with you, and stir in precooked seafood (chopped canned clams, cooked crab meat). It would be a gamble, though, to see if the diced potatoes didn't get mushy after being in the crockpot so long and if the last-minute addition of seafood made it all taste seafood-y enough. It's a great idea, but not a very crockpot-friendly dish.
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