Interesting 'X of the day' feeds?
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What interesting 'X of the day' RSS feeds do you read?

Ideally all the information would be contained in the feed itself, without needing to open a web page to get the rest of the information.

I've seen this past question, but the OP was not interested in word/quote of the day sites, I'm open to anything.
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Well it's not the ideal in that you need to go to site. . .but I love my 24 hours in pictures from the Guardian.

I always feel like it connects me to the rest of the world so much better than reading headlines.
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Best answer: from NASA: Astronomy Picture of the Day
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Similar to the Guardian link above is Reuters Pictures (and it works well on a Blackberry too)
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Learn Something Everyday--interesting trivia factoid with a cute drawing

Photo of the Day from National Geographic
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Slate has a section called Today's Pictures, which always has wonderful photos.
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Best answer: I don't know why, but The Daily Batman always improves my day.
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Response by poster: Thanks to all who have answered so far. Not all the links given have RSS feeds though, and some others with pictures aren't directly in the RSS feed.

I'd also be interested in great Quote, Word, Fact, Thought, Joke of the day feeds as well as any that help you to learn a language.
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Best answer: Comedy Central has a Joke of the day:
TBS' has an Ad Of The Day
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Oh, sorry the funny ads are not viewable in the rss feeds, but the CC jokes are. Google Reader throws out a lot of good looking suggestions when you just search for "of the day".
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Best answer:
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Response by poster: soelo - I did find several via Google, but I also wanted to see the gems that Mefi members might know of.
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