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MefiBoston: Dog sitter/boarding?

Hi local mefites,

I am looking for a trusted doggie boarding/sitter in/around Boston. I have two dogs that I can not take on a trip with me in a couple of weeks, and was wondering what are the resources for Boston-based doggie boarding that are trusted by dog-owners. Would love to leave my pooches (boy, girl both fixed, up to date on their shots, both under 50 lbs) in good hands.

I know there are a bunch of websites out there, I'm more interested in personal recommendations/suggestions/feedback.
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If you are north of Boston, I used to use the Barking Dog in Derry, NH. If I still traveled, I would drive from central mass (where I am now) to use them.

My experience is with 2 large dogs.
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I used to use Doggie Daytrippers (doggydaytrippers.com) when I lived in Boston. They might not do overnight boarding, but they have lots of young people who work for them and sometimes will take on boarding. They used to walk my dog -- they'd take her out for a couple hours every day to some park and let her run around. They were amazing. They pick up and drop off (a godsend in the city proper) and they were unfailingly nice and friendly. If they can't board for you, they're a great resource otherwise.

Also, you can always try the Craig's List route. Of the roughly one million college students in the area, there's bound to be one that you like and can board your dog. I found a great boarder that way, as well.
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Hmm. Looks like Doggie Daytrippers does boarding now. It seems expensive to me (I live in a small town in the Midwest now), but they are really good. I highly recommend them.
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Best answer: I take my dog here (urbanhounds) for day care. The people are great to deal with, and they know their stuff.

They have a brand new facility, 24/7 supervising.

That said, I haven't tried their overnight boarding, just daycare.
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I've brought my dog to C and C Kennel in Hudson, NH a couple of times. 45 minutes from Boston, but it's worth the trip.
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Best answer: After hearing horror stories about some of Boston's "doggie day care" services and being unsatisfied with the Craigslist route, we now use Toureen Kennels in Watertown -

Dog comes home happy and well-adjusted and hours/rates are reasonable.

We used to drive 1+ hours to go to kennels way out in Groton or Harvard, but the commute to drop off dog for a trip always made it a hassle. Watertown is very accessible from within Boston.
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Best answer: We use the Dog Scoop and Wagz 4 Walks for daycare on a regular basis, and both have staff who have boarded our dog regularly. Today Cocoa returned home from the weekend groomed, happy, and tired!
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