Lifetime warranties?
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Companies with lifetime warranties?

I already know (and happily buy from) LL Bean, Lands End, REI, and Sears Craftsman. Who else should I be shopping from?
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Best answer: Costco! They tweaked their return policy a while back so now electronics are only 90 days, I believe, but everything else is lifetime. My family and I have never, ever had a single problem returning something to Costco.
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Best answer: Nordstrom
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Best answer: Jansport packs, bags and luggage, and all Chaco (sandals, shoes) products carry product lifetime warranties.
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Best answer: FYI, the Sears Craftsman warranty doesn't cover power tools or torque wrenches.

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Best answer: Surefire flashlights.

Henry Repeating Arms.
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It was mentioned above but Chaco is pretty great, they replaced my discontinued sandals when the footbed cracked.
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Best answer: Cutco cutlery promises that "[i]f at any time you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your CUTCO product, we will correct the problem or replace the product."

My mother returned some knives she felt hadn't held up after many, many years (decades, in fact), and they were quickly replaced without any fuss or charge.
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Best answer: I have a Shun chefs knife and recently mailed it back in to be sharpened. They will do this for free (including return shipping to you) for the life of their knifes - and if there's a defect, they'll replace it.
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Best answer: Hunter fans. Husky tools. Several tool manufacturers, I think.

Arrow staplers, I believe.

Apple, effectively, if you're a young early-tech-adopter.
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Best answer: Kohl's has one of the best return polices in the retail industry now. They will give you full price for any return as long as you have the receipt (and the condition of the returned item rarely matters).
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I love Apple, but it's silly to say that Apple products have a lifetime warranty, or anything even remotely resembling one. Apple has great warranty service when you're covered, but after your coverage has expired, you're out of luck. The shop where I work depends on income from clients who are out of warranty coverage.
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Best answer: Shun knives (as mentioned above) and Calphalon pots and pans.

Not Apple.
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Best answer: Saddleback Leather Company was mentioned in another thread recently; they have a 100-year warranty.
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Best answer: Eagle Creek luggage.
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Best answer: Hammacher Schlemmer
Tilley's hats.
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Dammit - I hit post before the link went "live": Tilley's
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Best answer: Arc'Teryx for winter shells, pants, etc.
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Best answer: Le Creuset
Kingston Technology (for RAM)
Vauxhall (apparently)
Snap-On (love snap on)
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Best answer: Pampered Chef cookware.
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Best answer: Eddie Bauer. I once took back a backpack, after using for three or four years of school (heavy use) and they replaced it with no fuss. And yes, absolutely Nordstrom. I took back Salt Water Sandals I'd worn for ten or so years and they gave me new ones.
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Best answer: Nau clothing will refund or replace (if possible) for as long as you own the garment.

Coach still offers free repairs for the life of the bag (you pay a shipping charge of $20), but no longer offers free replacements.
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Best answer: OXO housewares. I just had two spatulas break and they told me to send them back for replacements, no questions asked.
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Best answer: Britool
(You. nickrussell. Outside. Now.
  ...yes, I've seen grown men trade blows over Snap-On vs Britool.)

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Best answer: OXO are indeed great. The lid to my travel mug broke last year, and they mailed me a new one, and told me to just discard the old one. Better still, we arranged the entire thing via email, and the part arrived about 2 days later.

Kryptonite are also great. Last year, my (almost brand new) U-Lock got stuck while my bike was chained to a lamppost in Anacostia, and I had to leave it there overnight.

Fuming mad, I called their tech support number when I got home. Two rings (no IVR!), and a very friendly guy picked up the phone (even though their website indicated that the support line had closed an hour earlier). He apologized for the fault with the lock, and pre-authorized a return and reimbursement for a locksmith (of my choosing) to saw the broken lock off of my bike(!!). Before hanging up, he also mentioned that one production run of my particular model of lock wasn't adequately lubricated at the factory, and had a tendency to jam on the first few uses. He gave me a few tips for getting it unjammed (so that I might be able to avoid calling out the locksmith). Later that night, I drove my car back to Anacostia; his advice was spot on, and with some gently coaxing, the lock popped right off. Did I mention that the guy who picked up the phone was the same guy who helped me through the entire process?

Needless to say, I was fuming mad when I picked up the phone, and a lifelong customer by the time I hung up. Other companies would do well to copy this model.
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I think tweezerman tweezers. You can send them in and they'll re-sharpen or re-align them for free.
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Best answer: Patagonia will repair, replace or gift-card any gear that is defective, even after years of use.
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Best answer: Sierra Trading Post
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Best answer: Streamlight flashlights.
When the thumbswitch on my penlight was acting up, I called to ask about taking it apart so I could lube the switch. The guy that answered the phone asked me for the serial number, told me how to fix the problem, and shipped me a new one because "these lights shouldn't have that problem."

They hooked me for life.
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Best answer: Several bicycle brands offer lifetime warranties on frames. I had my Cannondale replaced recently, due to a cracked dropout. Bicycle warranties are tricky because the potential for abuse and cost of the product are very high. My Rocky Mountain and Specialized also have lifetime warranties (I took advantage of the specialized warranty too).
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Best answer: After picking up little bits of green fluff all over the apartment, we just bought an Orvis Toughchew dog bed. Do I feel a bit silly shelling north of $150 for a dog bed? Yes. But if my 8 month old pup chews through it, they'll replace it - no questions asked, as many replacements as it takes.

(I really hope it doesn't come to that.)
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Best answer: Canada Goose jackets.
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Best answer: Oneida flatware
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Best answer: Filson
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Radio Shack offered a lifetime warranty on tubes. I worked there in the 1980s and we replaced someone's burned out vacuum tubes about twice a year.

I've heard the replacements don't have the same warranty, but it's pretty impressive of them to replace a product that sells for $6 now for free after 40 years.
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Best answer: Maglite flashlights
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Best answer: just bought a manduka yoga mat with a lifetime warranty
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Best answer: Kel Tec firearms.
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Best answer: cmoj...There is no "list" that Apple keeps for early adopters. Frankly, they don't know you from Adam. Apple does, however, silently extend warranties on products with known design or manufacturing defects. For instance, the white non-unibody MacBooks have a problem with the keyboard deck cracking where the raised feet on the lid sit when the unit is closed. Apple will replace the deck, no question asked, even if you are out of warranty. There's also a silent warranty for older classic iPods with audio issues.

My guess is that, when you took stuff in, you just happened to have problems that were covered under an extended program.
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Best answer: Just like Sears, Harbor Freight has a lifetime warranty on their hand tools.
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Eagle Creek backpacks (although the last time I had to send it in for a broken zipper, the guys at OMC tried to tell me that "lifetime" didn't really mean lifetime. I disagreed, and now my 10-year-old backpack’s zipping fine again).
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Best answer: Crucial RAM also has a lifetime warranty. This is pretty standard in the industry, and I don't know of many RAM manufacturers that do not guarantee their product for life (by virtue of the fact that RAM almost never goes bad once past the initial "burn in" process, which would already be covered by any reasonable warranty.)
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Best answer: Koss headphones are guaranteed for life.
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Best answer: Pelican hardshell cases
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Best answer: Toyota brand mufflers!

I replaced the muffler on my Corolla maybe 12 years ago and got one with a lifetime warranty. I've replaced it three times since then all for FREE! Toyota probably doesn't expect anyone to keep their cars that long.

Leatherman multi-tools have a 25 year guarantee which isn't lifetime, but it's still pretty good.
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Bought Hunter-Douglas blinds which come with a "lifetime warranty" - the only problem is, they no longer make the parts for my particular blinds (and couldn't even find a record of the particular part I needed), so I was out of luck. An HD installer said that lifetime warranty is only good for the lifetime of the installer, not the company. Not sure how that applies to any other company's products.
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Best answer: Pfister has a lifetime no-questions asked warranty on all of their plumbing/kitchen/bath fixtures. The spray nozzle on our kitchen sink blew itself up a month or two ago, and I only paid the shipping to get a complete replacement.
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Best answer: Lupine replaces any item, any time. I've returned several harnesses and leashes to them, they're super!
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I grew up with Tupperware (the actual brand, not the generic "plastic container") and they've replaced stuff recently that my mom bought when I was a kid. Some of their products have a shorter warranty (mostly items with moving parts), but the containers, measuring cups, bowls, etc. can be replaced years--even decades--after you've bought them.
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Mod note: folks, take apple derail to email please, thank you.
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Best answer: Moen faucets have a lifetime warranty for the washer cartridge. You bring the worn-out one to the hardware store and they give you a fresh one for free.
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Best answer: Briggs and Riley luggage:

If your Briggs & Riley bag is ever broken or damaged, even if it was caused by an airline, we will repair it free of charge. Simple as that!
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Best answer: Bed, Bath and Beyond has an unlimited return policy if you have a receipt. We recently returned a Roomba that we had had for 2.5 years (and had been broken for 1).
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Best answer: a couple more:

Ridgid Tools

Skull Candy headphones
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getawaysticks: "Bed, Bath and Beyond has an unlimited return policy if you have a receipt. We recently returned a Roomba that we had had for 2.5 years (and had been broken for 1)"

And at least at my BB&B you don't even need the receipt. As long as you have the debit or credit card you used they can find your purchase in their system.
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Best answer: The North Face has a product lifetime warranty for all their stuff.
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Maglite replaced my flashlight when the batteries leaked inside and basically ruined it.

Lowe's line of Kobalt Tools supposedly has a lifetime warranty, but the replacements you get aren't 1:1; if you turn in a Kobalt wrench that busted, you get a very cheap piece of crap wrench as the replacement. Avoid.
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Best answer: Duluth Pack is another one that I found out about recently - I got a bag from them recently.
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Giro Helmets.
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Duluth Trading Company for another workwear source with lifetime guarantee
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I cannot find a link specifically to their warranty, but James Avery jewelry has offered a lifetime warranty since the beginning. This covers cleaning the jewelry and repairing it.
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another workwear option: Dickies!

God I love this thread!
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Victorinox knives
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Keen shoes don't have a lifetime warranty, but they just sent me a free pair of replacement laces.

Mine are also about 5-6 years old, and have been subjected to fairly heavy (ab)use over that time, including several trips through the washing machine after periodically acquiring the James River's lovely scent. Apart from the laces, they still look new, so I'm not going to begrudge the 1-year warranty.
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Mountain Hardware
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Does a 100 year warranty count?

Saddleback Leather (belts, wallets, accessories)
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