What's my best bet-broken iPad?
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Should I buy a third-party warranty/insurance for my broken iPad?

The volume button on my iPad 2 is broken (16g, wifi, had since May). I do not have AppleCare. A few months ago, I dropped my iPad. Everything was fine for months. Cosmetic mark on a corner (not corner near buttons).

But now, out of nowhere, the sound icon is on the screen 24/7. It's likely some kind of problem with the button. Feels like something got stuck in it, or the button itself is jammed.

Anyway, I know the Genius Bar folks will say cause I dropped it long ago the button issue is not covered. Is it worth getting one of those 3rd party insurance policies? I've seen Square Trade, but have no idea if it's worth it. Any experience here?

Or other options? Thanks!
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You do have AppleCare for parts and labor for a year after purchase; iPad 2s haven't been out long enough to age out of standard AppleCare. The only thing your iPad has aged out of is the 90 days of free phone support. They might or might not fix it if you tell them the damage was from a drop but it doesn't hurt to go into the Apple store and ask nicely.
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Just to be 100 per cent clear here - you want to insure something that's already broken so you can then claim to have it repaired under the policy?
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As jamaro said, you can try to get AppleCare hardware support, which is covered up to a year after purchase, but they will likely not cover accidental damage. Try bringing it to an Apple Store for help — maybe you'll get lucky and they'll help.

Anyhow, getting insurance to cover a damaged item you intend to file a claim on after the fact is pretty shady.

Assuming the cause is a deformed case keeping a volume button depressed, you might try opening it up to bend the shell back into form, to keep the volume controls from being pressed in by a dent. Not sure how you'll close it up again, but maybe you can get some of the same adhesive.
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Take your iPad to an Apple store and tell them what you wrote here: the sound indicator is on screen all the time and the button feels wonky. They'll take care of it. My kid dropped his MacBook in all manner of ways but when the bottom rubber covering came completely detached, they took care of it and even replaced the portion of the case that had cracked around the Ethernet port, saying it was a "known issue."

What you're asking about SquareTrade is technically legit under their policy, as long as you wait out the 45-day waiting period, but it is very shady. Remember what is said about insurance companies: they're like banks, made of nothing but lawyers, money, and time.
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Take it to the Genius Bar anyway. You have warranty protection for a year after it's been purchased. Back up the device to your computer first. If they replace it, any music you have ont the device will not be restored so make sure you have that on your computer too.

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What you're asking about SquareTrade is technically legit under their policy

Except you have to buy the policy within 90 days of purchasing the item, and like every other insurance policy I've ever seen, it doesn't cover pre-existing conditions. So no.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I was thinking other warranty type things would work like AppleCare, where you could buy at any time within a year--didn't realize not everything works like that, not trying to be shady. I'll take it to Apple :)
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