Warranty on a surplus/salvage Canon
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I've found a great deal on a Canon digital camera. Problem is the place I would buy it from resells surplus and salvage goods. Though this store backs up new purchases, will I have problems getting warranty service from the manufacturer 6 months down the line?
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Possibly - verify any warranty offered is good in the US (assuming you are in fact in Maine)

Many (most) places that offer too-good-to-be-true prices on electronics sell equipment sourced in other countries. It will often have a perfectly valid warranty, but one that will require you to return the product to, say, Uzbekistan for service. Be careful.
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If they're online, Google 'em. I just got a digital Rebel from B&H, but had found some online at other places for waaaay less. But when I looked them up, turns out most of them are scam artists.
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For some reason photographic retail seems to attract way more than its fair share or crooks and cons. Most of the bargain places just aren't worth the trouble by the time you've had the run around of warranty scams, bait-and-switch, lies about stock, substitutions, undisclosed grey imports and god knows what else. Just buy from B&H or Adorama or be prepared to do the research legwork on anyone else you want to buy from before parting with your money.
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Response by poster: Actually, it's a bricks-and-mortar store here in Maine that's well known for following natural disasters and fires to pick up salvage deals.

I believe the cameras in question are being advertised as having made it through this year's Florida hurricanes. I've had enough experience with these guys to know they'll back up the sale within a few days. So if I take it home, charge it up and it doesn't work they'll take it back, so that's not a problem.

Since this store isn't the original retailer nor an authorized dealer, my concern is if the manufacturer will consider this a grey market purchase and refuse warranty service if I have to send it in for service six months after the sale.
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Then just ask them if it comes with a Canon USA warranty card. If it doesn't, it isn't covered.
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