Looking for retailers with lifetime guarantee / warranty
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I'm a huge fan of retailers who have lifetime guarantees or warranties. I'm trying to make an effort to buy more from these places. The retailers that I've enjoyed with these features include REI, Eddie Bauer, The North Face, Eastpak, Jansport and Koss headphones. Are there any more I should be aware of? I've heard about Briggs & Riley suitcases and Craftsman tools. Please let me know of any others and of your favorites.
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Costco and REI have lifetime guarantees on purchases.

Eagle Creek luggage has a super warrantee on all their bags - they will repair ANYTHING.
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Guess I should mention LL Bean. Although my husband's bathrobe has had to be replaced twice already. So I'm not pleased, overall.
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LL Bean.
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Wore out in the elbow. Twice. Within a few months.
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Tilley replaces their hats if they wear out.
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Best answer: Have you seen this AskMe? Lifetime warranties?
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Le Creuset cookware. Porcelain-covered cast iron. My experience so far has been that the porcelain does eventually wear out, but they replaced the pot with no questions asked. And they are awfully nice pots to cook with.

Duluth Trading also has a no-bs guarantee, and their stuff is pretty bulletproof to begin with.

Buck knives.
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Saddleback bags have a 100 year warranty.
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Farberware cookware.
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Tupperware, natch.
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Darn Tough socks.
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Zippo (lighter)
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Eagle Creek. They will sometimes repair instead of replace, but I successfully sent a backpack back after wearing it from middle school to college.
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Lands' End "If you're not satisfied with any item, simply return it to us at any time for an exchange or refund of its purchase price."

Tweezerman "Our implements are guaranteed to perform and are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. We will sharpen or replace (at our option) the defective implement FREE. We sharpen our Tweezers, Nippers and Scissors which have become dull through normal use FREE for as long as the implement can be resharpened. No processing fees. No Shipping & Handling fees on return."
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This is a bit of a non-answer because they've gone out of business, but Mark Shale had free alterations for life. I imagine that's not that unusual for smaller stores/chains competing with, say, Brooks Brothers.
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Based on recommendations in AskMe, I've become a fan of Bed, Bath and Beyond. Wonderful return policy and generous with coupons.
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Craftsman only replaces hand tools (not power tools), and only if they are actually broken (rather than being unusable due to wear, although if you break it on purpose at that point they will honor the guarantee). Tools branded Sears are not covered.

While Costco doesn't have a lifetime guarantee, they have rather long return periods on things like computers.
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Osprey has an "All Mighty Guarantee" where they will repair, for free, any damage or defect in their products for any reason.
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Briggs & Riley Luggage. It's pricey, but they've got a great lifetime guarantee.
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lots of info on this over on reddit. /r/buyitforlife is where i recommend you look
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Victorinox Luggage.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Oops, hadn't realized this one had been asked before, kind of bummed that I wasted a question on this one!
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Lands' End, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie all have very easy, no-time-limit return policies. I have returned worn-out items to all of them with no problems.

If you're thinking more in the range of stuff that can be freely replaced after several years of hard use--my Jansport backpack developed a zipper problem after about 6 years, and it was repaired for the cost of shipping the bag back to Jansport.
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the magic flight launch box "herbal" vaporizer has a lifetime guarantee
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Just popped in to say NOT Filson.
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Nordstrom is a champ at this; I saw someone return a 10+ year old suitcase there once, and the staff member was professional, kept a straight face... and replaced it, with an equivalent newer one.

Most outdoors companies (REI, LL Bean, etc) are able to do this due to markup; you're getting a lifetime guarantee, but certainly paying for that. I'm not saying this to disparage those companies; I'm saying this to encourage you to use the guarantee you paid for!
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Leatherman isn't lifetime, but twenty-five years is pretty decent and I've had them replace two Waves under that warranty. The thirty year warranty on my sewing machine (inherited from my grandmother) just ran out in 2009, but I don't think Singer is doing those anymore.
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